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#2302 by whofysh
Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:45 am
I am on week one of my trial. My number has not been ported over yet. I love the service, but I have two issues that I need to correct before I decide to keep it.

First, I have one long distance number that I call several times a week. It is a residential number. They use Comcast voice service. I get a busy signal when I call them using my Ooma service even though they are not using their phone.

Second, when people call me from their mobile phones they do not hear ringing. They just get dead air until I answer and most of the time hang up because they think there is something wrong. From landline phones they hear ringing as they should. All mobile phones are having this problem. It doesn't matter who their provider is.

Please help, I really want to keep the service.
#2346 by murphy
Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:17 pm
I just called my ooma number from my cell phone (T-Mobile) and the ring back on the cell phone started at the same time as the ooma phone started to ring. There was a long period of silence while the call was being connected.
#2352 by Mojo
Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:03 pm
I'd give support a call for both of these issues. If we know the phone number and approximate date/time of the call, we might be able to work with you to trace a test call to try and determine the cause.

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