Incoming busy tone on dedicated line?

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Incoming busy tone on dedicated line?

Post by yeohbaby » Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:49 pm

I have Ooma Premier with one number assigned to the base and a dedicated number assigned to my scout. No land line attached.

Lately I've been experiencing busy tones for incoming calls instead of actually ringing my phone (no lines were in use). This only happens when the incoming call is on the number assigned to the scout. The other line has not shown any of these problems.

If I pick up my dedicated scout line right after getting a busy signal, I get the Ooma dial tone. Incoming calls to this line work immediately after that.

What's going on with my line? Why isn't voice mail kicking in? Even more importantly, why isn't my phone ringing? Any suggestions? Anybody know the answer to this problem?

Thanks. Stephen

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