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#39104 by pete3000
Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:20 pm
appears to be the same results, i think it's in the router itself- just not sure what to change..... I might be getting a hold of charter but think they won't be able to do anything once they test the service direcet from the modem.
#39105 by Groundhound
Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:27 pm
As an experiment, connect your computer directly to Ooma's home port instead of your router, and check your speeds with modem>ooma>computer. You'll need to reboot your computer.

Edit: If you elect to run for an extended period with your computer connected directly to your Ooma, you should delete the DMZ setting in setup so Ooma will act as a NAT firewall for your computer. Reestablish the DMZ setting if you connect your router back behind your Ooma.
#39120 by pete3000
Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:27 am
It is for sure the router, i have tried it direct from Ooma and it's fast that way. The problem is after the router, that is why when I first started to have problems (out of the blue) I thought my router was going bad, tried another router with the same results and then went and bought another router with the same results again.

Direct from modem is great, direct from the Ooma hub is great. From the router it is not so great, infact pretty slow. Even when I do get good results they don't last, very inconsistant and I get disconnects from the internet (especially wireless, but even now i'm on a direct connection from the router and it's slow).
#39128 by Groundhound
Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:49 am
Must be something about the way you have your router configured. When you tried a new router with the same results behind the Ooma, did you make any change to the new router's setup? What kind of router was it?
#39136 by pete3000
Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:58 am
I have a trendnet, a netgear, and I still have the belkin from walmart. It's really odd that nothing changed and starting having problems. I had an "IT" guy from work come over and he made some adjustments and it did speed things up. It's an A/G router (the Trendnet) and he adjusted the transmission rates from auto to 24 Mbps and that did seem to speed things up. Not sure all the other adjustments because for some reason the router would not work yesterday afternoon (not sure if it was me setting up the Ooma as described earlier or what but something it didn't like). So I had to reset everything, I tried to get things back to where the IT guy had them for me and think I did (or am pretty close) but the phone still cuts my internet off and the speed from the router (wired or wireless) is still slow, it's fast at times but it is cutting out for some reason therefore my drop outs (ex. if i'm on yahoo i'll lose it I bet 3 or 4 times an hour at least, my internet radio will buffer at least that much too and that never happened before).

I'm at a loss as i'm not sure what it could be anymore. I'm hoping my IT guy can come over again but not sure so for now i'm dealing with those 2 problems. He said it could be me having interference but not sure why all a sudden, he said maybe the furnace now since it's kicking on more? I have no clue, my phones are DECT so that shouldn't be a problem and I never moved anything (up until the after the problems started, I then moved the modem closer to the router, if anything I think that should have helped things). It's just wierd that everytime I go to the router I have problems, that is why I started to think maybe Charter has done something new? I really don't know.....

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