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#46886 by trichert
Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:15 am
Davesworld wrote:
grascon7777 wrote:Beta implies that the action item (in this case the contacts feature set) is working and the bugs are being worked out before the final published release. The contact feature is obviously not working. It should be tagged as "Alpha". Even so, the customer base should never be leveraged as the beta test center. The reason most of us purchased the Telo handset was the belief that this feature set was already available. The handset has many bugs which could also include hardware issues. Perhaps a recall might be in order. Peace

The customer base does not have access to the beta firmware anyway. If you were part of a beta test group you would surely know it. You may be running firmware that is lacking features but it is not beta. If the features were actually present in your firmware as of now and they were broken, then the Alpha tag would fit, what isn't there can't be broken. The Auto Climate Control in my pickup is not broken because my pickup doesn't have Automatic Climate Control.

Er .. everyone has access to the Contacts feature which is 'beta' ..

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