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#36224 by ramses
Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:22 pm
I just installed my ooma tele and requested a number transfer which I know will take 3 weeks. I hooked up the telo to utilize with my current land line which is with Verizon Fios till the number gets ported over. The telo is hooked up upstairs with a Panasonic DECT 6.0 cordless system tied to it. It works fine since I hear teh Ooma tone when I pick up.

I have a separate DECT 6.0 ATT system downstairs with 6 handsets which is just tied to the land line downstairs. It works normally with no Ooma tone.

When I place calls via the system upstairs tied via the Ooma, the calls go thru ok, but on several occasions the calsl get dropped and it reverts to the Ooma dial tone. I tried that 3 times today calling in a renewal to our local newspaper in town, being put on hold and it disconnected. At first I thought the problem was on their end, but it happened 3 times.

I repeated the call downstair on the land line that is not tied to Ooma and it went thru perfectly first time. Same thing happened when my wife called Colorado (I am in CA) and it dropped her mid conversation, and reverted to the Ooma dial tone. Is this going to be a problem after the number port is completed or is it only occuring because I am in transition mode? There is no use porting my number if this is going to be re-occuring problem. thanks

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