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#1578 by wase4711
Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:33 pm
So, I have ATT Uverse, with voice,video, and HSI.

I plan on getting rid of UVoice once I am confortable with Ooma.
I setup my service as a stand alone.

I connected the ooma hub directly into my Uverse Resedential Gateway, and within a minute, I was connected. I disconnected the Uvoice phone wire that was energizing my home phone lines, and plugged the ooma in, and all outlets are working properly.

My only issue is when I upload large files, or use Bittorent; my call quality is breaking up. I went into the ooma setup page, and entered my upload speed, as the manual suggests, and still the same issue occurs.

Should I hang the ooma box off a switch AFTER my Uverse Gateway, and see if that helps? I thought for QOS to work on the ooma, it was smarter to plug it right into the modem/router Gateway, but, since I still subscribe to ATT UVOICE, I wonder if THEIR QOS if overriding the ooma QOS.

I know this is a pretty technical issue, and I hope that Bobby or other members of the support team can give me some ideas...

I've emailed a few times, and left a voice mail as well, and no one has responded yet. I hope this is just an issue with holiday schedule/big increase in holiday sales, and NOT how ooma support truly is.

love the ooma concept, and have been an earlier adopter of VOIP about 6 years ago.

#1583 by Bobby B
Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:00 pm
Hi wase4711,

A few questions --

- When you're using bittorrent - do you experience voice break-ups or do the people you are talking with experience break-ups (or both)?
- What model of U-Verse gateway do you have?
- Can you describe in detail how you have ooma connected in your network? What is currently connected to the HOME port of ooma?

#1585 by wase4711
Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:52 pm
Hi Bobby;

thanks for writing back!

when torrenting, the person on the line complains about the voice break ups, NOT on my side..
I have the 2Wire, Model 3800 hgv Resedential Gateway.
info on it is here:

Here is the link to the PDF, showing the connections in detail. ... B_0107.pdf

Nothing is connected to the "home" port on the ooma
The 3800hgv Gateway has 4 ethernet port, 3 phone ports, one labeled "phones line 1&2, one labled "aux line" and the third one labeled "phone line", a USB connection, a Coax connection, and an ethernet port labeled "broadband"

I added a gigabyte switch AFTER the 2Wire, and moved a couple of Televisions ethernet connection to it, so I would have room on the Gateway itself to plug directly into the ooma box.

Like I say, when no torrenting or major uploading is going on, the connection seems perfect.

Hope this helps!

#1588 by Bobby B
Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:35 pm
Thanks for the links to the documents!

I'm assuming you have something similar to the "before" in the diagram, with the bittorrent computer hanging off of the gigabit switch. You'll need to position your bittorrent computer (and any other high traffic computers) so that it sits "behind" the HOME port of the ooma Hub. The "After" is illustrates an example configuration where QoS will work properly. This allows ooma QoS to intelligently prioritize your voice conversations over your bittorrent traffic when you're on a call.
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#1591 by wase4711
Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:06 pm
Hi Bobby;

My computers are NOT after the gigabyte switch.

there is a seperate feed that runs via COAX cable to the second floor of my house that is converted from coax to ethernet, then is distributed to another switch in my attic, which THEN feed the computers their wired ethernet connection. All of my wired computers are on the second floor of my house, whereas the 2Wire Gateway and the ooma box are in my Basement.....

In other words, ALL the computers in the house are fed directly through the 2Wire Gateway, and there is no way for me to put them AFTER the ooma without re-wiring my entire house.

There has to be an easier way for QOS to somehow work in my setup, either from the ooma box, or from the 2Wire router.
#1595 by Bobby B
Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:43 pm
Is it possible to install the ooma Hub on the 2nd floor where you have your computers? You might need another switch to make this work - but I think it might go something like:

(Attic Switch)--(2nd floor ethernet jack) -- [MODEM port] ooma Hub [HOME port] -- ( switch ) -- (wired computers)

Basically, in order for QoS to work, we'll need to place the bittorrent computers behind the ooma Hub (e.g. behind the HOME port) so that ooma can "see" that traffic. Otherwise there's no way ooma can prioritize voice conversations over bittorrent traffic.

There also might be another option. From the specs link you gave earlier, it looks like you might be able to configure QoS on your the gateway but I'm not sure if it'll allow you to setup a custom QoS configuration. If it does, you can check out this article for the service port information.
#1602 by wase4711
Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:12 am
Hi Bobby;

No, it is not possible to install the ooma hub on thej second floor, as the phone jacks up there have been disabled, in order to use one of them as a twisted pair for the DSL signal to get up there..

I was able to go into the Gateway Firewall configuration, and open the UDP ports and the TCP port that are listed on the tech paper link you sent me.. Using H3.23, "Internet Based Telephony"

there is NO WAY to custom configure the QOS on a 2Wire gateway, but, I have opened up the ports that are listed in that tech you think that will make a difference, or, am I just opening up a security risk by opening up all those ports?


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