using ooma w/ utorrent?

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Re: using ooma w/ utorrent?

Post by tedb » Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:13 pm

lchan wrote:I also used a Linksys wrt54gl with Tomato before with QoS turned on when I was using DSL. It eliminated the choppy outbound stream problem once it was set to give my VOIP box the highest priority. Now my FiOS constantly gives me 20+ Mbps down and 15+ Mbps up. I have no problem with multiple torrents, downloads and phone conversations at the same time without QoS.
Are you still using the linksys with your FIOS connection? I upgraded my internet connection as well (from a 5mb/384k) around the same time, but it was the new router that really fixed the ooma problem for me.
lchan wrote:It is also true that some router has a relative small NAT table and they do not periodically clear up the terminated connections. It that case, you should set up the router to reboot once a day in the middle of the night.
Well, I didn't set it to reboot once a day, but i did go through a huge list of fixes out there - limiting the number/length of connections in both utorrent and tomato, none of which made any difference. Utorrent running at the same time as an ooma call had choppy outbound - with as little as 5k upload. And the reason i suggested this fix was for non-experts, since everything just worked once i got it in place with no futzing. Not to toot the D-link horn, but the DIR 655 also has great built-in VOIP QoS as well which can be easily activated for those with lower upload speeds.
lchan wrote:I believe OP must have already forward the port at his router and needs to do the same with his Ooma device.
However, since I have Ooma and my other VOIP box behind the router and separate from the home network, I only need to forward the port in the router. May this this thread can help viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2246&start=0
Yah, I think thats what the OP needs to do too. However, the simplest solution to that problem, as discussed in the thread you link is to get the Ooma BEHIND the router. Then you don't have to forward anything through the ooma, eliminating the problem.

The main reason i posted before was for non-expert Utorrent-Using Ooma'er's like me. :D

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Re: using ooma w/ utorrent?

Post by lchan » Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:47 pm

I am not using the LinkSys router at this moment. When I was on DSL and had really choppy upstream when torrents were running at the same time. At the time although it was promised up to 768Kbps upstream but speed test only shows about 250kbps consistent upload speed. The download speed was close to the advertised 3Mbps. I bought the LinkSys and installed Tomato and set the QoS to give the VOIP device the highest priority. The choppy upstream call problem went away.

Now I am using the Verizon provided Actiontec router with FiOS. Did not bother to change any settings. QoS is off and everything works fine because of the increase of the bandwidth.

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