question about blacklisted numbers

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question about blacklisted numbers

Post by usaooma » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:58 am

what is the ooma behaviour when an incoming call is from a number is in your blacklist?

i'm still in my trial period. i have enabled community black list and personal blacklist. i have added 4 numbers in my personal black list. the action is set to "send to voicemail" for both the community and personal blacklist.

with my selection, what's the expected behaviour?
- the phone rings, log the call and send the caller to voicemail
- the phone does not ring, log the call and send the caller to voicemail
- the phone does not ring, call is not logged, caller is sent to voicemail
- the phone does not ring, call is not logged, caller is not sent to voicemail.

i'm asking because i had a caller that regularly called everyday at the same time. i usually let the answering machine answer to which the call just hangs up. i have added the numbers (they were using more than one) to the blacklist as the calls came in. now that i think i have added all their numbers to the blacklist, my phone doesn't ring anymore but there is no call logged and there are no voicemail.

i had expected for my phone not to ring but to have the calls added to may call log. not expecting any new voicemails from them unless they really leave a message.

i'm not complaining that my phone is not ringing. i'm definitely enjoying the quiet. just getting a clarification on the correct ooma behaviour for this scenario.


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Re: question about blacklisted numbers

Post by MarkSly » Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:04 am


I'm also interested in understanding how blacklists work.

:?: I presume that if I send blacklisted calls to voicemail, they should be logged, but what happens when I send a "call blocked" or "number disconnected" message to the caller? Does this call still get logged?

I currently send community blacklisted numbers the "number disconnected" message; would I know if any calls ever came in from one of these numbers by looking at the log? If I sent them to voicemail, would I get the log information? I would just prefer to have the telemarketer remove my number than have me deal with blank or repetitive voice messages. It would also help me to determine how useful the community blacklist is in keeping my phone from ringing.

Another blacklist question:
:?: Is there any way to know what numbers have been added to the community blacklist? (I understand this could cause Ooma and its customers some heartburn if a telemarketer figured out it was being blacklisted by changing numbers and continuing to check if it's getting through; but I wanted to ask the question.)

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