New User: Hub/scout or Telo?

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New User: Hub/scout or Telo?

Post by bdeco » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:11 pm

I recently heard about Ooma and would like to use it to replace my current home phone plan, however, I am unsure whether the hub/scout system or the new Telo system would work best for me. Right now, I have basic phone service with no extras (i.e. caller ID, call-waiting, etc.) and DSL, both through Verizon. In switching to Ooma, I would drop the Verizon phone service but keep dry-loop DSL.

Here are my considerations:

-I want to maintain three phones in the house: two upstairs (one in the computer room, one in the bedroom), and one downstairs in the kitchen.

-I need to keep a phone line connected to my Dish Network receiver (located downstairs) in order to avoid a $6/month charge.

-I want Caller ID (name and number) and basic voicemail that I can check from the kitchen.

-I don't want to subscribe to the Ooma premier service.

Given these factors, would I be better off with the hub/scout or Telo?

My thanks in advance for any guidance/feedback!

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Re: New User: Hub/scout or Telo?

Post by bw1 » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:32 pm

Given your requirements, I would get the hub/scout before they're sold out, if you're certain you don't want premier.

With the basic service - Ooma Core service with the hub/scout - you'll get basic voicemail (no call screening or email of voicemail mp3's) and caller id name/number. Also, you won't be charged the $11.75 per year (after the first year) regulatory recovery fee.

You can set up the scout in the kitchen to check voicemail, but you may have issues configuring if you have DSL on the same line as you're trying to use the scout.

With the Telo, you'd have to pay extra for voicemail, plus you would need a Telo handset to access voicemail in the kitchen if you can't place the Telo there.

Note that there may be future upgrades that will only be available to the Telo and not the hub.

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