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#25444 by dyehya
Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:57 pm
I tried calling and have had one of the worst service experiences ever. I called in on Oct 2nd or close to that about QoS and after getting that figured out (I will post the details in another topic) I was asking about the Telo and since I just purchased the Hub/Scout within the last 30 days if I could exchange it for the Telo and Handset and they were like sure and you would get to keep your old terms and conditions. Now I won't state the details here but I had a partner discount program when I purchased it and was wondering if that would be considered an equivalent exchange as the retail pricing for the hub/scout is roughly that of the Telo/Handset. The lady I was speaking with got me to her supervisor and the supervisor after trying to find out with all the craziness after the 1st still couldn't find out and said she would email me within the next few days while I was still within my 30 day return exchange period.

I never got a email back from her and have been reading the blogs and posts today trying to figure everything out and I still haven't been able to get a clear answer on if you are within the 30 days and want to exchange it and it was purchased directly from Ooma what were the details of that. I called again and spoke to a guy that was frankly rather rude and I was trying to explain the situation to him and without him asking me my name and sounding bored and annoyed with me he kept interrupting and cutting me off and it got so bad that I actually had to tell him that I didn't appreciate him continuing to interupt me when I was speaking and that I would appreciate him to wait until I was finished before responding. He said that what the supervisor told me before was incorrect and that I had to wait 30 days after activating before I could switch to the Telo and I said this sounds as if you guys are doing this just to keep us from being able to return the Hub/Scout and get the Telo/Handset and he said "Precisely". I was shocked that he actually admitted to Ooma's doing this on purpose and I was trying to inquire as to why the previous supervisor didn't get back to me and why I was told numerous times the previous time I called in that I would be able to exchange it but the pricing was the only thing in question. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and he said he is one and would reprimand the other supervisor for telling me incorrectly. I said that if he was a supervisor then how would be able to reprimand another supervisor if they are on the same level and he stated that he would send it up to management. I then said that I would appreciate having what I was told be honored and would like to speak to management regarding it and he said that he would email them and they would get back to me and tell me the same thing. At that point he tried to get rid of me and said is there anything else I can help you with in the most obnoxious tone of voice while I was trying to explain that I felt that if a member of Ooma's staff especially a supervisor were to tell me something that it should be honored as good business practice.

I am tempted to call back within the next few minutes while support's still open and see if I can get someone that actually has customer service skills as the service I received so far is far below POOR. I work retail and service industry and I know that I wasn't being rude or hostile (and am frankly voicing my frustrations here more than anywhere) but regardless of that showing caring, respect, and humility for the paying customers of your products should be pretty high on the priority list.

Dennis or Bobby or whoever at Ooma that seems to be able to make things happen can get back to me and/or discuss the situation with me I would greatly appreciate it as I don't see anywhere the details of if you are within the 30 day return exchange and want to get the Telo and the details thereof and I keep getting conflicting information from phone support and am worried that I am going to get tossed around and then I am going to be told that oh sorry NOW your 30 days are up....

I love what you guys are trying to do with the phone service and understand this is a difficult time and SHOULD have been handled a lot better and have been made MUCH clearer but hindsight is 20/20 and this is the first major revision to EVERYTHING since your main product roll-out so I guess it is to be expected but don't treat customers and especially those that are selling and OFFERING your products like crap and then expect your business to be profitable because as much as I love the service I don't think I would want anyone to be treated the way I have been. I hope that Ooma reassesses how it updates it's terms and conditions and clarity and avoiding ambiguity like saying we are going to be grandfathered in at $99.99 when that is completely incorrect based on the most recent update from Dennis in the forum post but still states that on the Blog Post that was sent on the first and still was not further clarified on the post on the 8th.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from Ooma soon.
Daniel Y.
#25446 by bw1
Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:10 pm
It's too bad that you had a bad experience with CS. It is very confusing with the changes of terms, pricing and the new release of the Telo.

However, based on what I've read, if you've bought the Ooma Core hub/scout product and activate it, you'll be grandfathered into the service level based on the printing on your box - re: voicemail and regulatory recovery fee. To get that service level of your account moved to the Telo, you have to contact customer service and they won't do it within 30 days. In other words, you can't purchase an Ooma Core and an Ooma Telo and activate the Core, move the account to the Telo and then return the Ooma Core.
#25447 by niknak
Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:16 pm
Dennis P. responded to another post about this is his reply -

"We have suspended transfer of accounts from Hub to Telo if the account is less than 31 days old for the reasons mentioned above. If you recently purchased a Hub and would rather get the Telo, you should be within your return policy on your purchase. If you want the Hub ToS but Telo hardware, then we'll be happy to transfer your account after it's been activate for 31 days."

edit: here is the link for the topic - viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3278
#25451 by dyehya
Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:30 pm
I understand their reasoning and not wanting people to try to get the Hub and Telo just to return the Hub. The situation is that I was unaware of the Telo coming out and the purpose of the employee accommodation was to famaliarize myself with the product as well as try out the latest and greatest out there. When I called in on 10/2 I was told by a supervisor that I would be able to do the transfer and it isn't like I purchased the Hub/Scout now and am trying to do that but if it was purchased before the new T&C were announced and the new Telo comes out within the 30 days and a supervisor promises me that I can exchange it but doesn't have the pricing because of the employee accommodation I don't see why I should not have what I was told honored...isn't that what this is all about is Ooma honoring it's promise to it's customers. It wasn't just a run of the mill associate that was misinformed, this was what a supervisor told me and assured me that they would get back to me with the details and then no communication at all is completely unacceptable. Also based on the fact that I bought the Ooma from Ooma directly and through the partner accommodations, I don't feel it would be right for me to try and resell my Hub/Scout even after 30 days. I wasn't trying to do a bait and switch as I had my local AT&T number ported over to Ooma but I don't see why if I am told that I could exchange my product within 30 days and I paid for an additional year of Premier before 10/1 without knowing the changes to come that I should not be able to have what was promised honored and be able to exchange the Hub/Scout for the Telo/Handset.

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