Support is TERRIBLE!!

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Re: Support is TERRIBLE!!

Post by richd » Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:12 pm

I am learning the forum is the place to start. I am a member of a number of other forums and love them - but in this case I knew the unit needed to be replaced so I thought the only way to get that done was to use phone support...wrong. Dennis came to the rescue.

I am sure I will like Ooma when we get a working unit and things all settle down.

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Re: Support is TERRIBLE!!

Post by jdthird » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:41 pm

I've been trying to resolve issues for about 6 or 7 months, nearly since I purchased the unit. I get the standard canned "power off and on" answer and that's about it. I got one support person to call me one day but the unit was actually working so there was nothing they could do.

Now my unit is basically shot, I have to cycle power a dozen or so times before it finally connects, then it works for 60 seconds before it just locks itself up, won't even respond to ping on the internal interface. Lights vary from top 2 red, top 4 red, all red, every time is different.

I've spent 7 months of the 9 since I had the unit with it failing many times every week, and having to power it off and on several times before it finally connects and works. And even then, half the time my phone would not work, but it still worked as a router, and I could get anywhere on the ooma website, yet it still sat with red lights and phone wouldn't work.

I'm in the warranty period and I wonder if I'll ever get any support or the promised "repair or replacement within the 12 month warranty period."

I think I've actually been responded to less than 10% of my attempts at support. And since my cell phone doesn't get a signal here (hence the reason I have a landline in the first place, otherwise I just would not bother) when it doesn't work, I cant' contact them via phone anyway. And certainly can't work with them to troubleshoot it. Of course, since they almost never get back to me, it's really a moot point anyway...

When it works, it works great. I have no problems with sound quality or anything. THis is the only router I have just so make sure it can do QOS for me, and voice quality is always great. And whenever it has problems, it's not an internet issue, since i can plug my old router in and it works every time...

Just a sad, sad state of affairs. When I first go the unit, I told everyone how well it worked and how great the deal was for no phone bills at all... Now, all I can do is warn everyone away from it because of the absolute lack of support.

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Re: Support is TERRIBLE!!

Post by caprice24 » Mon Oct 19, 2009 11:55 pm

I'm getting the blinking red OOMA tab light and no way of contacting support to resolve.

Is there some way that others have found how to get the device to shine blue, indicating a successful connection?


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Re: Support is TERRIBLE!!

Post by FCC » Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:03 pm

Got a OOMA hub & scout about 6 months ago. Worked fine most of the time for about 5 months, for US calls. International calls are at random - acceptable at times and impossible to make at other times. And I'm talking about US to Europe, not some third world country! Also about a month ago, the Scout went bad. I tried all possible tests, googled for suggestions. All pointed out to bad hardware. E-mailed "customer support". Received an e-mail two days later, with a case # and nothing else. Later I called and another customer support rep (Jay) claimed that was a number for e-mail support, and that he could not trace that number (?) Anyway, explaining again the issue, after asking me 100 un-related questions and putting me on hold several times, he promised I will receive a replacement for my Scout in 3-5 business days. If not, I should call them again. 10 days after that I called again. Again, Jay (looks like he's the only rep "working" for OOMA). He did no remember either my case, either the lies he said 10 days before. So he said I should receive a replacement "soon". When I said "soon" i snot good enough and that I want to speak with his supervisor, he put me on hold for 15 minutes. Finally I got to speak with Sarah. She appologized she can not give me a tracking number then and there, but she will call me "that day". Hours later, at 10 PM that night (EDT), she finally called, but still could not provide a tracking number. Said she will call "the next day". That was 4 days ago. Did not hear from her since. OOMA is a big scam!!! Save your money! Don't purchase their un-reliable equipment! Are they de-activating the equipment on purpose to force people to pour more money into the "free" service by purchasing new equipment?
Today trying to make an international call I got interrupted 5 minutes into the conversation. Mind you, I still had over $10 in my account, which ought to have lasted for about $120 minutes. All further attempts lead to ... nothing. Could not re-connect! Should I write a complaint to FCC maybe?

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Re: Support is TERRIBLE!!

Post by dknyinva » Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:53 am

caprice24 wrote:I'm getting the blinking red OOMA tab light and no way of contacting support to resolve.

Is there some way that others have found how to get the device to shine blue, indicating a successful connection?

Please give us a bit more details as how your setup is and maybe we can help

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