Scout and Hub ring at the same time

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Scout and Hub ring at the same time

Post by tommoeller » Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:00 pm

For the last few days I had problems with the Ooma Scout. I have Ooma Premier with two numbers; one rings the Hub and the other the Scout. All of a sudden, when I dial either number both phones (Hub and Scout) ring. I went to My Ooma checking the settings. First, I had problems logging into the Ooma Scout account. It would not accept my password and I had to get Ooma to send a temporary password. That got me into the account, but I cannot change the password (it simply does not change, even after submitting a new password repeatedly).

The settings look fine in both the main Hub account and the Scout account. However, when I go to the phone number setup and click "Save" I always get an error message (something to the tune of error, try again in 5 minutes, or contact Ooma support).

Any suggestions on how to fix the problem. Unfortunately, Ooma support has been unresponsive to my emails so far.


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Re: Scout and Hub ring at the same time

Post by t4feb » Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:52 am

I to have the same problems with mine. 2 different numbers one on hub and one on scout and both phones ring when either one is called. I have also noticed that the log files are the same. If some one calls the hub number it also shows in the scouts log file and the other way around. I never had this problem before the major update. It was my understanding that each log file would be private and that's why you would sign in on different accounts. Is this a bug in ooma or are things going to stay this way? I have sent support emails with no response. Any idea's

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Re: Scout and Hub ring at the same time

Post by focuspuller » Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:55 am

I have had the same problem since the update of the website.

I keep calling support to fix it and it lasts about 2 hours and then back to the double ring.

Also VM outgoing message defaults to the HUB message when the Scout number is called.
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