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#24693 by teeitup
Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:30 am
MikeekiM wrote:Two main questions for anyone monitoring this thread from Ooma...
1. Is anyone grandfathered into the $99/year plan moving forward (and of course, can I be grandfathered given my situation above) :)

2. Once on premier, if I decide to go back to the basic/free service, because I am a pre-October1st/2009 customer, am I grandfathered into all the basic stuff that comes at no cost (voicemail, no-$12-surcharge, etc...)


I still haven't see an answer to question #2 above. What if I decide to go back to Ooma Core (free) after my Premier is up. Will I still have basic voicemail service?
#24696 by Dennis P
Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:42 am
teeitup wrote:I still haven't see an answer to question #2 above. What if I decide to go back to Ooma Core (free) after my Premier is up. Will I still have basic voicemail service?

Yes. If you have an Ooma Core system, then you will get continue to get basic voicemail service after your Premier trial/subscription is over.
#24698 by MikeekiM
Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:44 am
It was definitely answered (not sure if it was on this specific thread or not)...

We were told that Ooma will be keeping track of all their customers' original activation date (and that date will be visible in the My Ooma website soon). When going from premier to the basic/core service, the features and T&Cs will be based on your original activation date.
#24706 by MikeekiM
Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:03 am
Dennis P wrote:
whn wrote:What is the lifetime costs?


Lifetime Premier is currently $350.

Didn't know this was even a current option... Today, is it possible to call customer service and ask for "Lifetime Premier"?

Second, with all these changes, is there a price change in this Lifetime Premier coming after December 31st? and if so, what will that change be?
#24781 by allo
Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:47 pm
teeitup wrote:
Dennis P wrote:Lifetime Premier is currently $350.

Does lifetime Premier cover the life of the account or just the device? If my hub breaks in a year can I buy a Telo and tranfer my lifetime Premier to it?

A good question! it should be the life of the account not the machine, but it is better to have it down in writing! (legally if if it is not written down : it doesn't exist!). Keep asking until you get a definite answer before you commit!
Definitely something to consider!
That's a lot of money; but a good price nonetheless, if OOMA stays alive for at least 4 years (I hope they do stay even longer than that... but in today's economy, nothing is for certain!)

#24791 by MikeekiM
Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:17 pm
Yup...based on the way Ooma is handling the basic service, I would assume that it is the lifetime of the account, not the hardware...

According to past posts from the Ooma team, they are going to recognize the original activation date and base services on the original account activation date. And that this includes transferring the account to another box...

That's my understanding anyway...

So I guess that means that for Ooma Hub Customers, the My Ooma upgrade page will give four choices for Premier:

<removed my pricing guess for fear of misleading>

At least until December 31, 2009... After that, I suppose it all changes to $119 increments, with the lifetime either remaining the same, or changing to something higher...

I don't know... $250 for the box...and another $350 for lifetime...that's a $600 recovery/breakeven point that I need to manage at that point... I would consider this if (1) the lifetime were tied to the account and transferable to future boxes tied to the account; and (2) if lifetime were a little more affordable...maybe if it were at the price of a 3 year commitment (which would bring it down to $297)...

Just thinking aloud...cuz I know Ooma has shown that they are listening to their customers... That's my thinking anyway...for what it's worth... :)

I first got Ooma because of the promise of free phone service... But as I refine my way into these extras, "free" service is getting pricey!!! :D
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