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#19306 by lmitrev
Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:24 am
I switched to ooma from vonage. No problems with calls etc. however, when I plugged my fax machine into the main ooma line (following all ooma and fax manufacturer instructions, and also having the exact configuration I had with the fax on my vonage line), I find that I cannot send faxes. The fax gets a dial tone, dials, and gets the fax beeps of the receiving fax machine; however, it does not recognize them and does not send. In fact, if I use the fax hook and try to force it to send manually when the receiving fax tones are heard, it still refuses to do so, and indicates that it cannot hear a fax on the other end.
Has anybody else experienced this behavior, and might it have something to do with ooma?

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