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#19312 by Groundhound
Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:05 am
thbjr wrote:
Groundhound wrote:That's why I use my own domains for email, for the most part. Domains are dirt cheap these days any you can make them work with most email services, like Google. Don't be an email prisoner to your ISP!

Having a domain or free web email account is like having a PO Box. No matter where you move, you always pick up your mail at the same place. I don't have a domain, but my 1st and still current email was with Hotmail. 10 years ago when I first got it, there was a limit of 1mb of space in your mailbox. I remember what a big deal it was when that went up to 10mb's. Today its 5Gb and 25Gb available on your Skydrive.
I wonder where it will be in another 10 years? ...and no, I've never been held hostage by an ISP email account. ;~)

Having your own domain allows you to do some cool things with email, like have different addresses for different purposes Want a personal address for friends & family? Use (no cryptic letters or numbers). Want an address for online accounts that you trust? Use Want one for online accounts you don't trust? Use Most spammers scrub from their lists addresses that contain the word spam, so you will likely get the least spam for that address. No matter how many addresses you have at your domain, they can all go to your Google account and be sorted by filters, and you can send outbound mail from any of your addresses from the same account. All for less than $10 per year for the domain registration.
#19328 by doug
Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:32 am
Groundhound wrote:Having your own domain allows you to do some cool things with email, like have different addresses for different purposes

Yes, I already registered my own domain, and another for my wife so she does not have to be but is

Another neat trick is to use a name prefix unique to each online usage, so you have or or whatever. Then when you get spam, you can tell where the email was harvested from or who sold their list.

I always wanted to do this anyway; I just didn't want to get forced into it with no notice or forwarding. I wish now that I had done it years ago.
#25386 by tailwheel
Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:39 am
So... is there no solution to the problem described by the OP? I just ran into this. I'm trying to phase out an email address I've been using in favor of my own domain email addresses. I can't see why we would be prevented from changing the email associated with the forums. Makes no sense. :?

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