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#16228 by sgretch
Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:31 am
Last week Monday my phone number was ported over. On that day my hub continued to work fine but the scout stopped working. Was it a coincidence that the malfunction and porting happened on the same day? I am not sure.

I know/have tried the following:
1. Tested to make sure the phone jacks work and are on the same line (everything was working perfectly the three weeks it took to port the number).

2. Tested and made sure all the phone wires and phones themselves were working properly.

3. Talked to tech support and did a master reset.

4. Talked to tech support and tested the scout by putting it next to the hub and moved the phone wire from the wall port of the hub to the wall port of the scout.

All of this has not worked at all. I still get a solid red light on the ooma tab and the fast forward, stop, play, and rewind buttons.

I may be getting a new scout sent to me but I want to make sure there is nothing I am missing. Any suggestions out there?
#16230 by WayneDsr
Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:39 am
The big test was putting the scout next to the hub and connecting them from WALL to WALL port. If the scout didn't connect then, unless you are using a bad cable, I'd say there isn't much else to try.


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