Internet disconnects when using Ooma phone

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Re: Internet disconnects when using Ooma phone

Post by kenh » Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:26 pm

Not sure which of these or both solved it, but...

1 - I had to first hook up OOMA in front of router to get it to initialize for first time.
2 - I moved it behind the router. But then, when I was on the phone, the internet connection would drop.
  • a. Changed Setup OOMA>Network back to use built in MAC address
  • b. From OOMA>advanced, I added the home port IP to DMZ address. This allows me to access as Don't leave it this way if you move OOMA in front of router, as it will expose your network to the internet.
  • c. Added OOMA built in MAC address to router as DHCP client and specified IP address outside of range (

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