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#35536 by southsound
Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:22 am
scottlindner wrote:

I wonder, would there be a business case to buy an Ooma just for the telephone number and voicemail, but without the dial tone? Just don't hook up the Hub, right? I know you were joking. :)


Not something you would want to buy from ooma, but certainly that is what Google Voice does now. Phone number in most areas of the US, free voicemail, rather comical transcription, call forwarding to any registered phone number (if desired), call presentation.
#35657 by scottlindner
Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:49 am
Fletch wrote:Well Im on my 4th ooma hub in 4 days. first 3 I had to take back as when I went to activate I was told the serial and activation numbers were not registered to oomas system as active for sale and they basically said they shouldnt have been shipped from the factory for sale yet. All from same costco so image how many people who bought them for gifts are gonna find out christmas day thier units wont work lol. The 4th one worked and I went in and disabled the ooma tone and the little tone you hear when you pick up the phone went away which was great as once I did that I could use my fax and credit card machine with the oooma. I did about 50 credit card runs and few dozen fax pages then came in to use it today and the tone was back and cant use it for anything but making calls.. I called ooma and they first told me they could turn it off for me then they had me hang up and reset the unit. Tried that with 4 techs. The 5th after 40 minutes said they couldnt do it but couldnt explain why it had worked for last few days without that annoying tone that messes up dialing or why previous 3 tech said yes it could be done.. i can no longer get the tone off when I pick the phone up so for me this is pointless and I will return this one and go back to my magic jack which functions better can make faxes and credit card machine calls and is a lot less...If they would drop that annoying pre dial music so you could use the device like a true line it would be nice since no computer needed but that 2 second jingle prevents a credit card machine or fax from being able to dial as they dial upon pickup so the music tone makes it miss the first 2 to 3 numbers...definately not a great product and for what it does the magic jack is much better...good bye ooma

How do you dial on any phone that doesn't have a dial tone?
#35678 by MikeekiM
Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:32 am
lohertz wrote:Correct me if I'm wrong...for those who have an integrated land line, it becomes very important to know if the ooma or landline is making the call...


I have my landline as a backup... when I pick up the phone, if I hear ooma, I know my box is working... If I hear a landline dialtone, then I know that my ooma is down due to a power or internet outage... this will prevent me from dialing a long distance call that won't be free on my landline...
#35685 by scottlindner
Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:56 am
I generally don't even hear it. By the time I'm done dialing the numbers, press the call button, and get the phone to my ear, it's already over.

Do some people still have the old school phones where the numbers are on the base so they can have the headset up to their ear while before dialing?

#36227 by Fletch
Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:42 pm
I have no idea how youd dial without a dial tone but if you read what I posted I said I turned off the ooma pre dial tone music jingle not the actual dial tone. If you pick up the phone on the ooma you get a little jingle that turns into the standard dial tone then there is also another dial tone that the other people hear when you call. I had both turned off no landline so when you picked up you got a regular tone right away.Thats what has now gone away so no more faxes or credit card machines so ooma needs to either fix this or they need to make sure theyt change thier advertising to show this isnt like a regular phone service as it can only make voice calls and everything else a landline does they cant as they claim your replacing your lkandline with same service but cheap or free cost...This by no means is like a landline or cell because of the ridiculous jingles so idiot tech came up with...Im taking this back as its useless glad I didnt port my number or Id have to sure ooma
#36235 by southsound
Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:18 pm
Fletch wrote:This by no means is like a landline or cell because of the ridiculous jingles so idiot tech came up with...Im taking this back as its useless glad I didnt port my number or Id have to sure ooma

Bye, Fletch. It has been great having you contribute to the forum. And I am happy that you don't have to SURE ooma - whatever that is. :P

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