So far Ooma is a disaster for me

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So far Ooma is a disaster for me

Post by dnp77 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:01 pm

So far my experience with Ooma has been an unmitigated disaster. I have sent Ooma a lot of money and have only chaos as a result. My telephone operation is not workable - I have to rely on cell phones.

I have, at every step, attempted to follow Ooma guidelines. I have before proceeding chatted with, or spoken directly to, Ooma to make sure my understanding of a particular setup step or order was correct - and have always been assured it was.

What precisely is chaotic? Well, let's begin to describe it.

1) I have 2 lines, 2 separate numbers, lets call them line A and line B. If anyone calls either number - does not matter which one - both phones ring. And with a cacophony of sounds - a mixture of the two ring patterns I have assigned the two numbers. It is the first indication of chaos.

And only line B answers - no matter which line is called. And voicemail is left on that line - if the party is able to follow the lengthy voicemail instructions.

2) The sound quality of the telo when reporting voicemails is quite poor. One has to listen several times to get the message. Ooma is advertised as having very high quality audio. Not my idea of high quality.

3) In having two lines one expects the caller ID to be able to be differentiated. It is not. The same name goes out on either line. Which is disconcerting and misleading to persons or businesses one calls. Therefore one chooses most of the time to use a cell phone when calling out.

Other than these minor peccadillos Ooma has worked out perfectly for me.

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Re: So far Ooma is a disaster for me

Post by Tom » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:34 pm

So sounds you have attached to the telo phone port either a base with 2 cordless phones or 2 regular phones attached with a splitter, correct?

Both your phone numbers are in the same ring group, so when either number is called both phones will ring. If you don't want that you need to create a separate ring group in MyOoma (under Preferences | Phone numbers | Add private account).

Depending on which phone number is called the cadence associated with that phone number will be heard on both phones. Please retest because your result is not expected. Possibly the phones differ in how they render the cadence.

The voicemail instructions can be as short as you like. Pick up any phone, press play on the telo, then press 2 for settings and customize your mailbox.

If two numbers appear in a ring group you can choose which outbound callerid is used for the call by dialing **x where x is the index of the number. You can find out what the index is in the 'Edit a Phone Number' dialog (clck on a number to open it).

I see you just added a private ring group with a Linx.

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Re: So far Ooma is a disaster for me

Post by lbmofo » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:39 pm

If you want to have your 2 different numbers ring different phones, the best option for you might be to get an Ooma Linx.

Assign your 2nd number to the Linx as a private account and then you'd have the 2 numbers separated. 1 phone system plugged into the Telo phone port and then another phone system plugged into the Linx phone port.
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