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#9566 by Leeway
Wed May 13, 2009 6:26 am
I have a couple of questions. I received an email to notify me that my porting from Callvantage will be done next Monday.

1. How will I know when it is completed? I have my current setup to forward all calls from Callvanage to my Ooma number. If I dial and it the porting is not done, it will still ring through to Ooma.

2. Do I need to do anything on my end after the porting is finished?

3. Will my temporary phone number still show on calls that I make or will it become my ported number automatically?

4. Will the flash work on my phone? Currently, the flash call is being retained by Callvantage answer system.

Thank you, Donna
#9569 by WayneDsr
Wed May 13, 2009 7:11 am
Normally you will not need to do anything.
In some cases you may need to power cycle (turn off, turn on) the hub.
When the port is totally done, ooma will be your main number and caller id and call waiting will work.


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