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#109729 by EX Bell
Fri May 10, 2013 11:31 am
lbmofo wrote:If you want to keep your old number in the meantime, you can go the route of Google Voice and at least park your number there for free until Ooma can take in your number.

Won't cost to keep it there true, but the port to Google Voice is $20. Not sure if TMobile will charge you anything to Port In, or if your current landline carrier will charge you to Port Out or a termination fee. You can check portability from you landline to TMobile here, but keep in mind that if you Port Out from TMobile to Google Voice or anyone else for that matter, it will terminate your plan with TMobile and you may be charged an early termination fee if you're under contract. If you want to keep your TMobile phone you'll then need another plan.

In hind site, I think I would personally take the new number from Ooma and send out a email to everyone, or phone anyone who doesn't have email by phone before I made the switch. However, check what the toll charge might be for family and friends who will contact you often with the numbers you have available from Ooma. I know that there were some complaints from people in the Canadian prairies who switched without checking carefully and then found out that their family and friends would all have to phone a long distance number to reach them.

My secondary number is in the US so my parents can phone me without paying LD charges, but I couldn't get a number in their calling zone, so it wouldn't be completely free which is what I really wanted. I was able to get a Google Voice number in their calling zone that forwards to my secondary Ooma number.
#109921 by EX Bell
Thu May 16, 2013 5:37 am
OT - A friend of mine is going RV'n across AZ, UT and CO in a few days. She has both an unlocked HTC One X and a Locked iPhone 4 to Rogers Mobile. While on the trip, data will be very important and she'll probably want voice for backup if her VoIP app (Hushed) gives her any grief. Is she better to buy a SIM locally when she arrives for Data and Voice or will she be better off getting a temp roaming plan from Rogers before she leaves? If SIM is the better choice, what carries have best data coverage (Data being primary importance) in those states?

Never bought a SIM in the US before. Is this as straight forward and fast as Europe, is it a hassle, or forget trying to buy a SIM and go with roaming travel pack?
#109925 by EX Bell
Thu May 16, 2013 7:05 am
lbmofo wrote:If compatible phone, try Walmart's Straight Talk unlimited prepaid. $40 a month I think.

Thanks lbmofo. That was suggested by somone in one of my Google+ communities too. I just phoned them and problem is she cannot get a T-Mobile compatible SIM in the store, only one for a Straight Talk branded phone. Has to be shipped to a US address and takes 4-5 days to arrive. Since she will be in an RV, she's not staying in a hotel, so no address to ship to.

Looks like a T-Mobile SIM or roaming on the Rogers phone might be the only choice. We're so far behind Europe in North America when it comes to cellular networks. Such a disconnected mishmash of networks.

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