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#109333 by generalhappy
Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:29 pm
Anyone else have this happen?

Your ooma phone rings. You pick up. You hear "hello?" on the other end. You say, "you called me." They say, "no, you called me."

Then you remember that this has happened a number of times before. Ooma hub just up and calls people sometimes. I'm only bothering to post now because apparently it called one person enough times with my number in the caller ID that they left me a nasty voicemail.

My setup is about as simple as possible:

[ Internet / OOMA Servers] --- [ Router *] --- [Ooma Hub] --- [Ordinary Cordless Phone]

* (running NAT. Linux based, running conntrack modules)

I've switched out all variables and I am pretty confident it has done this with all configuration changes: Different ISP, new Router (also went direct with no router), and I also have had it happen with two Ooma hubs as one was replaced in-warranty for simply failing. Even the phone has been changed, from one kind of wireless to another.

I contacted support via chat, but they were not able to help. Maybe some other user can. ;)
#109350 by Tom
Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:33 pm
Hub or telo cannot make a call without some person or some device attached to the ooma initiating the call. The party saying "hello" makes it seem they're answering a call, but they're really calling back a number they see in their call logs. As you say in your 2011 ticket : "I've received two calls in the last week from people who claimed that we have called them and they called back based on the caller ID."

As lbmofo says someone is misusing your callerid. If you give support a recent example (last 24 hours) the carrier might be able to track down more information.
#109372 by Tom
Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:27 am
Ok, so it is how I assumed after all. It wasn't entirely clear from your 'hello' example. There's two things going on then. On the one hand you have people calling you back because they see your callerid in their call logs. But it starts out with both your phone and this other party's phone ringing at the same time and when you both answer you're connected, correct?

And in that last case what is the callerid on the call you receive? Is it your callerid? (like it is for the other party)
Do you have a recent example?
#109457 by Tom
Thu May 02, 2013 7:31 pm
That person physically dialed your number and left you a voicemail. I see no other recent calls from this person, so do you remember an instance in the past where both your phone and this person's cell rang at the same time and then upon answer you both were connected?

I'm doubtful now that is actually happening because it's much less likely. More likely is these people calling you back start out by saying 'hello?' because they don't know who they're calling. Then they say 'you called me' but they're referring to an earlier call, not the one they're on at that moment because they're actually making that call.

Only way to possibly resolve this is for this person (and any others that receive calls with your number) to contact THEIR carrier and complain they're receiving crank calls.

And just to be sure what equipment is attached to your ooma? Just a plain non-programmable phone?
#109462 by generalhappy
Fri May 03, 2013 7:31 am
Yes- the voicemail caller did call me, but that's not my complaint. It is a side-complaint which provoked me to complain about the main issue of ooma appearing to call others at random.

When I talk to these people, they say they did not dial their phone: they tell me their phone just rang. I did not dial my phone either- it rang in fact. This is the most embarrassing problem. I'll call it the double-ringer problem. The side-complaint of possible caller ID spoofing possibility is also an issue, but I think it may be related to the main problem.

I believe the last double-ringer came in from (215) 558-81XX in my records.

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