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#109179 by walkerpbus
Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:44 pm
Is there any possibility of using the other line if we have 1 for receiving a FAX upon occasion; otherwise I shall have to somehow turn off the function to our all-in-one device.
#109190 by EX Bell
Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:20 pm
You need an Ooma Linx adapter and Ooma Premier account. Sign into and under Preferences > Phone Numbers, click the "Add private account" link. After creating a private account, click setup device and associate your Linx adapter to the private account. In the device setup, you'll also see the option to change the mode to Fax, which you should do if this is to be a dedicated fax line. Then click on your secondary phone number (assuming you've created one already) and Associate it to the private account you just created.

Connect the fax machine to the Linx adapter. Now you have a dedicated fax number for no addition fee per month other than the Premier service, which has plenty of other benefits to make it more than worthwhile. The private account will allow you to keep separate logs of the incoming faxes and you won't have to worry about pressing special codes to receive a fax. Make sure you set the Preferences > Voicemail > "Voicemail pick-up time" on the new private account to be higher (more rings) than the number set for your fax machine to auto answer. You want the fax machine to always pick up on that number and the Ooma voicemail to never pickup.

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