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#108879 by MapleOne
Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:29 am
I have 4 HD2 handsets and no such issues, as per post above... you have a defective unit.

I bought all mine at Costco because they replace things far easier than most places. I have returned electronics after 1 year and costco still did an exchange. They offer two years on computers and I mentioned that when I was returning a defective iPod base. Sure enough they refunded me and I bought a new one.

Works sometimes, when you ask. So I figure if my handsets konk out after 1 year my best odds are with Costco.
#109801 by thunderbird
Sun May 12, 2013 11:38 am
helpsolve wrote:Is anyone else noticing a high pitched noise when the HD2 screen is lit? This is not related to the charger.

This is a know issue with some of the HD2 handsets and your defective HD2 handset needs to be exchanged within the one year warranty period before it runs out.
#113691 by helpsolve
Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:05 pm
The have tried to replace the defective HD2, all have the high-pitched noise with the display on. Now Louis at Ooma Support says They will not honor a return, a warranty, or the Premier PROMO for that matter. I can have ONLY $20 back or I can cancel she says.

From my experience I recommend:

Great concept, great price, but hardware is not quality controlled and conversations have a delay of several seconds making it hard to talk.

Bottom line, after several attempts and lots of patience, this service is not usable as a main line.

Thank you LOUIS for showing how bad Ooma support can get, you're here to help people not make people prove they're right.

The owner and share holders of Ooma need to know your decisions are driving away business.

I will tell everyone that will listen how bad this experience has been.

...Tried one more time with another operator and Ooma is replacing the HD2 without issue or shipping charges (like they claimed when we purchased). Now let's hope they fixed the whining display.
#113693 by lbmofo
Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:14 pm
At the end, they are still taking care of you so not sure what all the write up before that was about but if this latest one doesn't work out for you, it is not meant to be. Just use a regular phone system with your Ooma.
#113700 by MapleOne
Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:07 am
I won't say I have had no issues with Ooma.

An occasional reboot on the base and lots of reboots on the HD2 handsets. They seem to lose the connection. No issues at all with a high pitch and all 4 of my displays are set to always stay on. I use them as a clock as well.

That said... I have not had to reboot my handsets in quite a while (since the last update). Could that be a coincidence or has something been changed?

Either way... my connection seems solid right now.

For the price of the service, I am willing to put up with a few growing pains. I was doubtful for a while that I made the right decision on the handsets but right now they seem to have no glitches.

My biggest beef is and always will be that I cannot shut off the second line feature. I would prefer it to go to voicemail and not ring. Answering the second line is cumbersome and in most cases I end up disconnecting one of the two lines. A simple setting to have it go directly to voicemail would solve my issue.

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