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#9283 by siclik
Thu May 07, 2009 2:28 pm
I've been having this problem since the day I started using Ooma. Our business has our own web/email server - hosted by The Planet. We've been using this server for over two years now - send hundreds of emails a day, and have yet to have a single email either rejected or lost in receipt. That is, other than emails from Ooma.

I'm using both a hotmail email address and my work email address for voicemail notifications. Whenever there's a new voicemail, my hotmail account is notified instantly, while I never receive a notification on my work email account. Same thing goes for password reminders (I finally switched my Ooma account over to my hotmail address because after I forgot my password, the emails never went through to my work email so I had to spend 30 minutes talking to support to resolve that).

We use Exim for our mail server and I've checked all of the email logs - there is no mention of "ooma" or "" in the logs. This leads me to believe that the emails are never being sent to this address by Ooma.

If it's a problem on my end, please let me know so I can resolve this (although I've taken all the steps I can think of and can't imagine any other reasons why we're not getting the emails).

Any help you techs can provide would be greatly appreciated.

#9286 by WayneDsr
Thu May 07, 2009 3:18 pm
I know you may have checked already, but let me mention a few places to check. I used to run an email server and got this problem all the time.

First make sure you entered the correct email address in ooma. (I know)
Check to see if you have any kind of spam filter, such as Baracuda or other firewall. ooma might be caught on a blacklist and not being delivered to your email server. That happens often.

Make sure ooma email is not going to a spam filter in your email account.
(junk mail)

I guess the next step would be to call ooma and have them send you an email so you can track where it goes.

#9287 by siclik
Thu May 07, 2009 3:29 pm
Hey Wayne, thanks a lot for your reply. Those are all helpful tips, however you're correct in assuming I've done most of them.

- Tripled checked email address (it's correct)

- We use SpamAssassin and I've actually added Ooma to the whitelist

- As far as a firewall goes, I've never configured it so I wouldn't know how to check that. We're using WHM/cPanel and I don't see any "firewall" settings, so maybe it's not installed.

- My outlook and webmail junk email folder is completely empty.

- I called Ooma today and had them send an email but it was never listed in any of the exim logs.

Hoping someone from the Ooma IT department sees this and can send me an email and track it.

Thanks for your reply - really appreciate it!
#9289 by siclik
Thu May 07, 2009 4:37 pm
So I just got a follow-up call from Ooma Customer Service (called earlier this afternoon about this). At first they said "talk to your server administrator" to which I replied "That's me!".

I was told that since I'm able to receive messages at my hotmail address, their system must be fine so there was nothing further they would do. The kind lady on the phone sent me an email from Outlook while I was speaking with her. After a couple minutes of waiting, the message never came through.

She again suggested that the problem must be on my end, however, if that was true, wouldn't "ooma" or "" be in at least ONE of the exim log files? (it's not). The lady on the phone said she wasn't receiving any bounce-backs either.

Still puzzled, confused, and frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
#9290 by WayneDsr
Thu May 07, 2009 4:55 pm
Well, I have to say that ooma may be right. Once the email leaves their servers it becomes a problem on the receivers end and anywhere in between. I tested ooma with every email account I have and they all received my new voicemail email, including my phone all within about the same time.

Could it be the attachment? Somewhere ooma is being blacklisted now, regardless whether it carries an attachment or not. Do you have the email server on your premises? The spam filter?

It's worth a deeper look into your system.

#9689 by siclik
Thu May 14, 2009 12:16 pm
If anyone is still reading this - I still haven't figured out the problem.

For the time being, I have Ooma sending all notifications to my gmail address rather than my work email. Then, within gmail, I have all emails being forwarded to my work address. This works. For some reason when they go through Google, they do end up eventually getting to my work email. What would this suggest?

Any ideas? It's the exact same email (still says from '') it's just routed through Google first.

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