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#104428 by exhasher
Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:20 am
I am a new Ooma Premier member. I have a cell phone but am contemplating purchase of a refurbished smart phone (iPhone 4, perhaps) that is unlocked. Can I use the smartphone directly with the Ooma Moble application (on WiFi or 3G) or must I purchase a voice and/or data plan from a mobile carrier first? I don't want to spent $50+ per month on a plan with Bell. I am in my 70's; I don't "text" and I mostly want the smartphone aps for use at home and abroad. ( I live in Ontario, Canada.)
#104431 by murphy
Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:12 pm
Without a voice plan there will be no 3G service. I've never owned an iPhone so I don't know it's capabilities on WiFi.

I don't know what is available in Canada but a T-Mobile prepaid plan in the US for an old Motorola RAZR phone is very cost effective. I paid $10 every three months to add 30 minutes. If minutes are added before the existing minutes expire they are carried over. Once you have spent $100 the minutes expire in a year instead of 3 months. You can pay the $100 up front and get 300 minutes plus a 15% bonus to get 345 minutes that are good for a year. If you don't make many calls this is way better than the $50 per month that you quoted.

As far as a data plan is concerned the carrier may require a data plan if you have an activated smart phone. Since the RAZR is not a smartphone I didn't have that problem.

The main problem with the Ooma app is that you can only make calls. There is no way to receive calls.

I also have an old Motorola CLIQ smart phone that has an unactivated SIM card in it. (Without the SIM card it boots to a screen that requests that a SIM card be inserted and won't do anything else). There is no phone service but the smart phone capabilities work fine over WiFi. I only use it for accessing the internet.
#104437 by lbmofo
Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:41 pm
Not sure about now but as of last couple of years, AT&T & Verzion required you to have data plan when using their network with a smartphone (this is including Blackberry; even if you own the device out right).

If you just want to use wifi and call out using Ooma mobile app, perhaps iPod Touch would work for you:
#104442 by murphy
Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:36 pm
I just verified with my old Motorola CLIQ android phone, that is only connected via WiFi, that I can make a call with the Ooma app.

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