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#104291 by JMC
Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:40 pm
Hi all,

Happy longtime Ooma Telo user in Colorado here. I switched over to the new handsets when they became available in October. It seems like every time I try to use the speed dial feature, I discover that the favorites settings have been deleted. I re-assign my two "favorite" numbers, confirm that they work, maybe use one to make a call, then days later when my young son or I try to use the speed dial feature again, the settings are gone. The phone lives on its base, charges fine, and has never lost power. Two of my other three HD2 handsets have lost their favorites settings as well. The 4th seems to have died on its charger so I can't check it just now.

Are there updates happening in the background that cause favorites settings to be deleted? This is sort of a big problem because I have taught my son how to dial my cell and my mom's number using the speed dial buttons (just press and hold).

Anyone else experiencing this? Suggestions?

Also, I enthusiastically second the logged feature request for favorites settings to sync to all handsets.

#104306 by thunderbird
Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:57 pm
Usually an Ooma Telo reboot, a HD2 handset reboot (press [Red Phone] Off button until the HD2 handset screen goes blank, the release the button), or Unregistering the HD2 handset(s) that are having the problem, then reregistering them will help with these problems.

Unregister HD2 handset methods:
With a phone connected to the Ooma Telo:
Star commands dialed using a phone connected to the Ooma Telo Phone Port.
Dial *#*#191 to unregister 1st HD2 handset or Linx device
Dial *#*#192 to unregister 2nd HD2 handset or Linx device
Dial *#*#193 to unregister 3rd HD2 handset or Linx device
Dial *#*#194 to unregister 4th HD2 handset or Linx device
Dial *#*#199 to unregister all HD2 handsets or Linx devices

Press the tower button for more then three seconds on the face of the Ooma Telo to re-register the HD2 handsets or Linx devices. Follow directions on the HD2 handsets after the HD2 handset recognizes the Ooma Telo registration request.


Access Ooma Setup, DECT Settings page to unregister and reregister HD2 handsets and/or Linx devices.

If your Ooma device is connected Modem-Ooma-Router, access your Ooma Setup pages by typing in your computer browser window. The Ooma Setup pages open. Click on DECT tab. The DECT Setting page opens.

If your connection is Modem-Router-Ooma or Modem/router-Ooma, temporarily connect a network cable from your Ooma device home port, to the wired LAN port of a computer. Temporarily turn off Wi-Fi in the computer, if turned on. Reboot the computer. Access your Ooma Setup pages by typing in your computer browser window. The Ooma Setup pages open. Click on the DECT tab. The DECT Settings page opens.

For the Dead HD2 handset problem, switch HD2 handset from on HD2 handset cradle to the another. Make sure you hear the double beep, beep when you place the HD2 handset in the Charging cradle. If you don't there is a problem with the Charging cradle and you need to call Ooma Customer Support and get another Charging cradle under warranty with free shipping.

Customer Support
Phone: 1-888-711-OOMA (6662)
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm PST
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST
#104408 by JMC
Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:48 pm
Thanks, Thunderbird. Re-registering all the HD2s seems to have done the trick -- they have retained their favorites settings for two days now. I'm pretty sure the dead handset problem was due to an aging power strip in the garage, where that phone lives. I'll take care of that little problem after the holidays.

Thanks again!

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