Red blinking light- In china

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Red blinking light- In china

Post by greatwall » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:47 pm

I live in China and have had virtually no issues with our phone for the last two years, however, recently, our phone service stopped working and the Ooma device just blinks red. Below is the response I received from support. Want to warn anyone thinking about using it in China that is apparently will no longer work and/or Ooma does not have the service support to work around the issue.

We're sorry about the inconvenience. This is actually a known issue. Ooma devices in China have stopped working because China Government restricts our device to work in the country.

But we have done some changes on the Ooma setting that might help us fix it, kindly reboot the device by unplugging its power cable for 5-10 seconds. If still it doesn't work, we're sorry to inform you that your Ooma won't work anymore in China.

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Re: Red blinking light- In china

Post by thunderbird » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:26 pm

Does the Ooma Telo Ooma symbol blick red all of the time, or does it turn blue like late at night or ????

Quote from Ooma: Ooma is engineered for great voice quality but you will need a high-speed Internet connection equivalent to at least a typical DSL connection with 384 kbps upstream and downstream.

Run to see how your modem and Internet connection is doing. Then click on the Advance tab on the lower left side of the Phonepower page, and post the following values here in this thread, by clicking on "Quote" in the upper right hand corner of this Ooma Forum post. Then fill in the blanks.

Download Speed: ________________
Upload Speed: ________________
Download Consistency of Service ________
Upload Consistency of Service _________
Maximum TCP Delay _____________
Jitter you server __________
Jitter server you _________
Packet loss: you server_______
Packet loss: server you ______
Packet discards _________
Packets out of order _________
Estimated MOS score ________

If Phonepower Speedtest won't run, try running , then post the upload and download speeds.

You could also go to this site and run "Test Your Speed".

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Re: Red blinking light- In china

Post by ernieb » Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:52 am

Yes, I see this issue in China as well. I _assume_ it's because Ooma uses well known VOIP ports for connecting to their VOIP servers and that is what was recently clamped down on by China.

If this is the case, the ability to select alternate ports for the VOIP/Ooma VPN connection would circumvent this blocking.

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Re: Red blinking light- In china

Post by ernieb » Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:24 am

By the way, if I tunnel the OOMA through my existing VPN (StrongVPN via my router) then it works OK. If I leave the OOMA in the DMZ(or just not tunneled via StrongVPN) then it flashes Red.

I assume if you're and expat living in China you have a VPN. Is it a VPN service that runs from within your Router? or is it a VPN that runs only on your Mac/PC?

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