Increase the amount of blacklist numbers

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Re: Increase the amount of blacklist numbers

Post by donswin » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:51 pm

I was browsing to fix a different problem and found (for the first time) there is a limit of 256 blocked numbers.

I posted an enhancement request yesterday that covers some blocking enhancements but this limit makes it more urgent. I too switched to Ooma because of what I was told allowed unlimited blocked numbers.

One thing that would help us keep our lists current is a log of numbers blocked. That way, we could delete obsolete numbers & those no longer being used.

There are many other enhancements that would make blocking much more powerful and an entry level programmer could make the changes.

I've used Phone Tray for years with great success. I am trying to tweak Ooma to still work with it. The only problem I have with Phone Tray is the phone has to ring once for it to get the CID.

In the interim, I think it would be a good gesture on Ooma's part to double the number of allowable blocked numbers until more powerful enhancements could be implemented.

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