Wrong link - One Plan/Two Plans - going in Circles???

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Wrong link - One Plan/Two Plans - going in Circles???

Post by thunderbird » Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:01 pm

On page https://www.ooma.com/premier/features , >International Bundle
Quote: "You can call the four corners of the Earth for only $4.99 a month (less than a penny per minute). You’ll receive 500 minutes of calling to over 61 countries worldwide." If I click on "Learn more here." It is linked to https://www.ooma.com/ , "crystal-clear National calling” information. This page has nothing to do with International bundles. The link should go to https://www.ooma.com/products/international-rates.

Also on this page https://www.ooma.com/products/international-rates , there is an International plan for 1000 minutes. But if you go farther down the page under See Rates for: and to the right, there it mentions a 500 and a 1000 minute plans??????? There is no where to find the 500 minute plan.

At the https://www.ooma.com/products/international-rates address, under "Plan Rates" If "Buy Now" is clicked, it takes me to https://my.ooma.com/products. If I go down to and click on "Prepaid Calling" it takes me to https://my.ooma.com/products/addons_details/intl , but then if under "Do a lot of international calling?" if the words “international plan” are clicked on it takes me back to https://my.ooma.com/products again.

For the last several years, the International Calling Ooma Webb Site pages have been confusing and muddled.

Please "Clean Up" and "Clarify" the Ooma International Calling Webb pages.

International Calling: Prepaid Amount selections, and 500 & 1000 Plan calling selections, should be on the same page to make the best selection for each person easy.

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