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#99515 by murphy
Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:36 pm
Do you have a multimeter?
My approach would be to disconnect everything from the house, all phones and Ooma.

Measure between the two house wires with the voltmeter to see if there is any voltage either AC or DC.
Measure from each wire to earth ground for voltage.
There should not be any voltage detected for any of these measurements.

If that test passes, then use the ohmmeter to measure the resistance between the two wires.
That reading should be infinite resistance.

Measure the resistance from each wire to earth ground. Again the resistance should be infinite.

The typical problem is that the wires were stapled to the house with the wrong kind of staples and over time the staple wears through the insulation and creates a short between the wires. It can take years for the short to develop at a low enough resistance to cause a problem.
#99617 by pjeran
Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:53 am
This is very interesting. We are having the same exact problem here starting the beginning of the week. A phone plugged into the back of the Ooma works, plugging right into the patch panel is good to, but at the wall face plates, it is bad.

Could there have been a FW update that is having unintended consequences?

#99628 by focuspuller
Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:42 am
Sometimes the little wires in the jack get out of place and end up touching each other.

Check each jack to see if the pins are straight and in place.
#99776 by hawkman
Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:36 am
Any update on this issue? I got it today as well. It is like a jack is open somewhere in the house. Only have 2 phones and I unplugged them all.

Update *** I have my ooma feeding a 1x8 phone port from On-q ( which then goes directly to each jack.. I unplugged all the cat 5 cables from that 8-port and plugged in only one jack at a time and the phone worked. I then plugged in the other jacks and the phone still works.

I noticed this happened after the power blinked on and off during a storm. Som how it got confused or something. :o

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