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#99198 by roadshow
Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:16 pm
I have an OOMA Core system. Hub & Scout. Currently tax free. I know that when it croaks I will have to get a Telo and start paying taxes, as well as lose my core account. which means I will lose caller-ID name unless I buy Premier. But I am curious to know what I can do if the Hub dies. Obviously, if the power supply dies I can replace it and keep the Hub running. But if something internal goes, can I relace the part with one from a spare Hub? Where is the unique information stored in the Hub? Or, what parts can be replaced without having to reactivate? I would assume it's the MAC address, but I'm not sure. I would like to hang on to my OOMA Core as long as possible, even if I have to replace some parts from a defunct Hub. Has anyone actually relaced any circuits or capacitors on a Hub yet?
#99214 by LBarouf
Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:49 pm
LOL.. I like the FrankenHub term you coined there.
Many electronics shop have qualified techs that may not know the Ooma, but know electronics. You may be suprised to see that after less than 30 min they found the part that burned (a capacitor, a resistance, a relay, a diode, who knows) and get it replaced with a good magnifying glass and soldering iron. If you ever visited a repair centre that deals with electronics, it's somewhat standard practice.

Not that it's a sure bet, but a good electrician may be able to help if it's a matter of replacing a more common part. If the "heart of it" goes (whatever they call it, CPU for lack of better term) then you know you will have to part with the box. Wonder if you can just pay $80 and get it transferred onto another working Hub box though?
#99217 by roadshow
Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:47 am
Thanks for the reply LBarouf.

OOMA has changed their policy. Core users can no longer keep their grandathered Core service after the existing Core device dies (unless it's still under a warranty). That means even if you took advantage of the previous upgrade offer and kept Core, you will lose it when the device has to be replaced. I know I sound pretty cheapo, but I'm delighted to have a free phone and NOT pay monthlly taxes and fees. I plan to keep the Hub under extended warranty for as long as allowed (I think it's 3 years). If it croaks after that, I would like to try the FrankenHub idea. If that fails, I'll bite the bullet and purchase a Telo. The Hub has worked so well for the past couple of years that I hate to give it up.

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