Login problems & 2nd line annoyance!

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Login problems & 2nd line annoyance!

Post by BuddhistHippieChik » Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:26 pm

1. Several days ago I accidentally clicked the log out button. I have not been able to log back in since.
Multiple times I requested the forum to reset my password and send me a new log in link. It never did.
And yes, I have scoured my inbox and spam box, I have received no emails from the ooma forum, ever.

After many failed attempts at logging in and just as many failed attempts at requesting the forum to reset things for me I gave up and have abandoned that initial account. What really got on my nerves was that the forum pulled the email address that I had entered into my account profile and wouldn't allow me to change my email without changing it in my Ooma account. Only then was I able to create a new account to log in to the forum with a similar name as my original one.


2. How the heck do I disable that "Instant 2nd Line" crap? I HATE THAT.....
I do not need it, I do not want it, it screws me up in a big way and it makes me so mad I want to throw the phone through the window!

I was talking to a friend. My dad called. Something alerted me, I can't recall what, I think it was a beep. I pressed the flash button to answer the incoming call. What I got was a dial tone and the 2nd line light lit up. I could not get back and forth between the two calls. I finally had to tell my dad to hang up the I pressed the flash button several times and finally got back to my friend! All this did was PISS ME OFF and put me in a rotten, foul mood.

I do not like machines. I hate machines. I hate computers. I hate electronics. And I hate electronics trying to second guess me or make decisions for me!

I will NEVER, EVER need a 2nd line. I want MOST of the features of the premier accounts ~~except~~ the 2nd line!
Please, tell me there is a way to disable that frickin STUPID feature.

As for my first forum account, I don't care. I made a new one. I just wanted to let you guys know that your forum does not email people with new login stuff when things go wrong like that. The forum has not ever once emailed me about anything at all so something is wrong with it. I also could not email an administrator for assistance. It seems you have to be logged in to contact someone for help, when you can't log in. DUH..........

Please tell me there is a way to disable that 2nd line nonsense! I do not need it, I do not want it! I just want to turn it totally off.

Thank you!

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Re: Login problems & 2nd line annoyance!

Post by murphy » Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:45 am

Do you have "Call Waiting" enabled in your my.ooma account?
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Re: Login problems & 2nd line annoyance!

Post by lbmofo » Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:31 am

As for "send password" function of the forum...try again using the 2 email addresses you now have given to Ooma? Perhaps, you were giving the wrong userid?


Your previous userid is BuddhistHippieChick

As murphy was pointing out, you may want to disable call-waiting on your account to not get bothered when you have phone calls going on.


Uncheck the "Enable call-waiting" and click "Save"
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