Dial-in Tivo and ooma..any successes?

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Re: Dial-in Tivo and ooma..any successes?

Post by rcb » Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:54 am

I got mine setup and working, it will actually make a 33.6 connection.

http://rcbullock.blogspot.com/2009/04/t ... rings.html

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Re: Dial-in Tivo and ooma..any successes?

Post by Moonlitpath » Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:08 am

Sorry for the repost of this message in this thread after posting in another thread on this forum about Oomas & dial up Tivos, but I just thought you may want to know a phone setting that worked between Ooma Telo & Tivo Series 2.:) If my repost annoys anyone, I'd be happy to remove this message from this thread.:)

Hi.:) I had to use my Ooma Telo to get my TiVo Series 2 DVR to dial in and connect to TiVo Service. And I was not able to use the Wireless Network USB Adapter and connect to TiVo Service using my Internet broadband connection, because I managed to restore a failed TiVo hard drive with an old TiVo instant cake OS software, and the TiVo software had not updated to the point where a Wireless Network USB adapter could be used to connect to TiVo service. So the TiVo was unable to recognize a Wireless Network USB Adapter, leaving me no choice but to try connecting via the phone line.

The Ooma would allow the Tivo box to connect to Tivo Service, but everytime the dial in process went to "Download" after "Connecting", it would suddenly, after more than 10 minutes, say "Failed - Connection interrupted". No matter what dialing options I tried it just would not allow the TiVo to download the latest updates.:( It would connect fine when I would test the connection, and then during the connection to TiVo Service it would be fine until it got to the "Download" part. Then it would be "Failed. Connection Interrupted".

After fiddling around using this and other threads as guidance, I finally managed to get it to connect to Tivo Service and download the updates successfully.:) Here is the dialing options that finally worked in getting my TiVo Series 2 to connect successfully to TiVo Service and successfully download the updates using the Ooma Telo.:
1)Connect a DSL Filter to the phone slot in the Ooma. Connect a phone cord from the DSL Filter to the phone slot at the back of the TiVo box! The DSL Filter really helps!:)
2) Set dial-in #: use a local phone number without the area code (xxx-xxxx).
3) Set Dial Prefix: ,#019 That is "pause/enter/019"
4)Set call waiting prefix: ,,,*99, That is "pause/pause/pause/clear/99/pause" OR (comma/comma/comma/Asterix/99/comma)
5)Set Tone/Pulse: Tone
6)Set 'Phone Avail' detection: Off
7)Set Dial Tone Detection: Off
Note: On the TiVo remote, "#" (Pound or number sign) is the "Enter" button, "*" (Asterix) is the "Clear" button, "," (Comma) is the "Pause" button.

This setting worked in a flash!:) Hope it helps.:)

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Re: Dial-in Tivo and ooma..any successes?

Post by hwgang » Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:31 am

We've had our Series 2 Tivos successfully dialing in for year using our hub.

In the last year, however, we've had TWO visits by the police in the middle of the night because our house apparently dialed 911. (It shows up in the call log.) Being awoken at 3:30 am by the police calling is a good way to get one's heart pumping. Having the police show up, shine a spotlight everywhere and investigate us from a sound sleep--just the frosting. Good times. :o

Tivo was the suspect. We unplugged those puppies immediately! Whatever the sequence was (9##, maybe) that we used at the time, emergency dispatch did think it could be misheard as 911 by their equipment.

Emails to tech support where of no help whatsoever, but a few calls to Jeremy, who was terrific, and we had it set up on our Telo....which apparently has built in protections on such matters.

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Re: Dial-in Tivo and ooma..any successes?

Post by bierhere » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:55 pm

*99 has worked fine for our very old Panasonic Showstopper ReplyTV.

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