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#97012 by kc4uai
Sun Jun 17, 2012 6:12 pm

I currently have my main router behind the Telo and everything has been working great. However, now I'm trying to get my Telo to forward internet traffic from the WAN interface to my router and then to an SSH server. I've tried to use the DMZ function to simply forward all inboud traffic to my router, but no inbound connections are forwarded. Then I tried to set up forwarding by port, and that didn't work either. I know the rouer is forwarding correctly because I can ssh to the WAN addres and it forwards to the right place.

I really prefer to leave the Telo on the outside of my router so it can manage the Quality of Service of the link, but unless the port forwarding can be made to work, I may be forced to move it back inside.

Current configuraiton looks like this:

Internet -> (to internet)Telo (to Home) -> (wan) Router (LAN) -> My network (ssh server here)

Has anybody had any luck getting the Telo to forward traffic?


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