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#96783 by FerrariGuy
Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:37 pm
If anyone has a Telo that has the "wall" port, and still has the box, it would be much appreciated if you could reply with the part number.

I'm trying to collect the part numbers associated with the pre 2011 Telo units. Tier 2 Ooma support has supplied some mac address ranges for them, but since those are not printed on the box, it's difficult to use that when looking for a New-Old-Stock unit with a "wall" port.

200 pcs Pilot Run - 00186107F082 - 00186107F211

Production Run - Starts from 001861086BF2 and up

In 2008 I purchased one Ooma Hub/Core system for myself and one for my father (Premier on both). My father's "Hub" appears to be on the blink and in need of replacment. We never let go of the land-line because he's in his 80's, has poor vision, and a Cell Phone isn't a realistic backup option. The Hubs I have found are selling at crazy prices, and I haven't found a refurbished unit at any better price from a legit looking seller. Telos appear to be plentiful and reasonably priced though, but the newer ones just won't work for what we need.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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#96784 by murphy
Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:51 pm
Those are not part numbers. They are MAC addresses.
The MAC address is on the bottom of every Telo so you don't need the box.
No one should publish their MAC address in a public forum.
They should be sent to your email address via the envelope icon under your user ID on the right side of the post.

My Telo doesn't have a wall port.
#96785 by FerrariGuy
Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:09 pm
Thanks, but I think you mis-understood. I know those are MAC addresses. Tier 2 could only identify Telo units with wall ports by the mac address ranges on those models. I'm looking for the corresponding model numbers.

100-0215-203, for example, appears to be a new model without a wall port.

So since I cannot examine the actual Telo unit when hunting for a replacement, I cannot examine the MAC address. I can only query for the part number.

Since yours does NOT have a wall port, would you mind posting the part number so I can eliminate units with that number?
#96787 by FerrariGuy
Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:43 pm
thunderbird wrote:Ooma Telo P/N 110-0106-100 has a Phone Wall port.

Thank you Thunderbird!

*Snap* Well as much as I was hoping that part numbers would tell me something, it appears from this thread that they might not:


it appears that there are some 110-0106-100's ( RevA ) that have no wall jack.

njarif wrote:Just purchased new Ooma Telo from Amazon and got it Apr 27 2011. I noticed that it came with "Phone" jack only and no "wall" jack as depicted in the documentation. Did I get an older model? Should I return it since I will not be able to use landline integration as a backup?

njarif wrote:On the bottom of the Telo, there is a label with P/N: 110-0106-100 and next to the Activation code there is label "Revision A". Can any one with a Telo that has a wall jack tell me the P/N and Revison code on their unit?
#96788 by murphy
Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:46 pm
The part number on the bottom of the unit without a wall port is
the last digit has been blacked out for some unknown reason.

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