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#93773 by lbmofo
Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:37 pm
If you are doing QoS using router, best to do it with MAC address. Use the MAC address of the "To Internet" or "Modem" port of the Ooma device. This is 1 higher than what's printed on the bottom of the device.

In order to get to without ethernet connection to "home network" port, you'd setup port forwarding on the Ooma device (have to connect to "home network" port to do this). viewtopic.php?t=11921#p83732
#93776 by thunderbird
Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:58 pm
9138147349 wrote:I am down at the bottom of the recommendations in the QOS section of my router. I have set the "high Priority" for TCP port 80. Do I need to do it for the MAC address also?

If you connection is Modem-Router-Ooma, an IP address is reserved in the router, with a permanent lease, for the Ooma Telo. Then the Quality of Service "High Priority" is set for the IP address that was assigned to the Ooma Telo. Router's all configure a little bit differently, but this procedure should give you the idea. In most cases the router's owner's manual will give you a detailed set of instructions. The Reserved Ooma Telo IP address is also used for Port forwarding below, to access Ooma Setup without connecting computer to the Ooma Telo Home port.

9138147349 wrote:Also, should I be able to access from my home computer with ooma's home network unplugged? Sorry if these questions/steps are self-evident. I am a trial-and-error type of guy when it comes to computer tech.
Thanks for you informative help,

Using a Modem-Router-Ooma connection, temporarily connect a network cable from the Ooma Telo Home port, to the wired LAN port of a computer. If Wi-Fi is turned on in the computer, temporally turn Wi-Fi off in the computer. Reboot the computer. Type in the computer browser window. The Ooma Setup pages opens. Click on the Advanced tab. Go down to Port Forwarding and click on Add New Rule. Fill in the blanks as follow. Start Port: 80, End Port: leave blank, Type: select TCP, Forward to IP Address:, Forward to Port: leave blank. Click on Add Rule. Now with a computer connected to your Router, in the computer browser window, type in the IP address that you previously reserved in the router, for the Ooma Telo. Example: . Ooma Setup will open.
#94170 by 40winks
Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:08 pm
Thanks to you both. I have set up per instructions and, for now, will stick with the modem-router-ooma setup. Things seem to be working well and I can access the Ooma setup screen directly from my computer without using the home network port.
Thanks again,

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