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#90198 by steveginny
Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:21 pm
My porting from Vonage to Ooma started yesterday (12/01) and my old number has been down for a day and a half now. The strange thing is when I call my old number I receive a recording "Welcome to Verizon wireless, the number you have dialed has been disconnected ..."; is Ooma owned by Verizon?

How long should my old number be unavailable during the porting process? I submitted questions on the Ooma "Contact us" web form; is there a way to call Ooma Support?

Thanks for your assistance.

#90199 by murphy
Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:36 pm
Your number was originally issued by Verizon (or one of it's predecessors).
The port does not occur from Vonage to Ooma.
Vonage reverses the port to whomever it came from.
It is then ported from the original carrier to Ooma.
This avoids having a number that was ported six times bouncing through five carriers to reach it's destination on every call.
The control tables would be horrendous if that was allowed to happen.

If you still have access to your Vonage account there should be a billing entry that reverses the port back to wherever they received it from.

The port should have been completed on the same day.
In 2009 my phone was dead for 7 hours when it was ported from Vonage to Ooma with Verizon (Bell Telephone) being the owner of the number.
#90201 by lbmofo
Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:24 pm

Take a look at your Porting Status for some info:

Look for "Port scheduled for completion" & "Your port is scheduled to complete on XXX XX, 201X"

Only on this "completion" date, should you have some "outage" situation if any.

If you just started the porting process and you don't even have an estimated completion date yet, your phone number not working is not normal. I would call Vonage and ask them to correct it.

Ooma Customer Support:

Phone: 1-888-711-OOMA (6662)
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm PST
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST

murphy is right on on a lot of things but I'd have to strongly disagree on original carrier involved in subsequent ports.

lbmofo wrote:
murphy wrote:Just for the record, the company that first issues a landline phone number owns it forever. You do not own your number. When you port to a different carrier they configure the call routing tables to go to that carrier. If you subsequently port to a third carrier, the first port is undone and the number is returned to the original carrier who then ports it to the third carrier by configuring the routing tables to go to the third carrier. I do not know the process for cell phone numbers but would expect it to be similar.

You own the number as long as you keep it active; you can take it to any carrier and use it. As for the original carrier owning numbers, this is true industry wide. However, this is true only when the number deactivates (someone discontinues service with a particular number that has been ported); the number will "snapback" to the original carrier after a period of time. The original carrier is not involved in subsequent ports; only carriers involved in porting are your current provider and your new provider; all the handshake and routing provisioning are done through NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center).
#90218 by steveginny
Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:57 pm
Thank you for your responses; I'm glad to say the port was successful and our original number is now in service. :D

I'm thinking it may have been held up on the Vonage side. We kept receiving periodic messages from Ooma stating it was testing and a notice would be sent once it was complete. So this evening we finally received notice from Vonage that our account with them is now closed. The Porting status is now complete and the number works as expected.

Thanks again.
#90222 by lbmofo
Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:13 pm
If possible, one more thing you ought to do....have a Vonage customer try to call you. If they can, all is good. Vonage (and other carriers) look up their own routing table first to route calls in certain cases; sometimes, they forget to update this internal table when a number ports out. If they can't call you, have them call Vonage to complain that they can't reach a working number.

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