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#87243 by ehl1
Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:51 am
Posted also in call forum.
This has been working fine for the last month since I acquired Ooma Telo
Today, absolutely no toll-free numbers work - all go fast busy. Everyone of them - national airlines, credit card companies, hotels, you name it.
Extremely unhelpful to have customer support over the phone report that Ooma does not support toll-free calling - perhaps they don't "support" it officially, but it was working and now it is not. And nowhere on any promotional materials does it say or advise that toll-free calling is a chance game.

Many of us have toll-free conference numbers or fax numbers that are critical. It is insane to think that no TFN is acceptable - there are many instances where there is not a "toll" equivalent.

Someone - please help!
Just admit it's a brief technical issues as opposed to deception. It's amateur league to do anything else.

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