Can this be done: two separate, individual phone #s?

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Lord Vader
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Can this be done: two separate, individual phone #s?

Post by Lord Vader » Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:21 pm

I'm asking this for my dad, who's currently a Vonage customer (I recently switched to Ooma to save $$). The one nice thing about Vonage and multiple numbers is that their adapters have two ports for two different lines/numbers. My father has his house line and his home business line--two different phone numbers--through one Vonage adapter. In addition, he also has a second Vonage adapter through which his fax line, a separate THIRD phone number, runs.

He admitted because his fax usage has declined dramatically, he can cut that out completely if necessary and use some Internet fax service or something else. What he's concerned about after researching Ooma is how he'd be able to maintain his current two separate phone numbers with Ooma, since the Telo has only one phone line port.

Even if something is technologically possible, his greatest concern is then that it would end up costing him an amount that would negate any Vonage to Ooma switch would save him.

Any suggestions or recommendations on how he'd be able to accomplish this?

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Re: Can this be done: two separate, individual phone #s?

Post by murphy » Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:16 am

If he needs two physical (hard wired) phone lines he would need two Telos.

Two independent phone numbers is possible with one Telo but one of them must be dedicated to a Telo handset.

Both of the above allow two calls to be in progress at the same time.
You can have two numbers with one Telo and no Telo handset if you never need to have two calls active at the same time.

The out of production Hub and Scout product did provide two physical phone lines that can both be in use at the same time.
The Hub and Scout can still be found at a few places on the internet.
For example: ... 721&sr=8-3

All cases except for the first one require a Premier subscription.
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