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#83717 by thunderbird
Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:49 pm
grace98 wrote:Hi:
What brand is that DSL filter? There are so many and so different prices...

I have already tried reducing the fax speed and that did not work.


Grace the DSL filter that I have was given to me and I can't find a brand name or number on it. I wouldn't spend very much for a DSL filter. I think the internal electronic design is all about the same for each DSL filter. If you know someone that uses DSL Internet service, you may be able to borrow a DSL filter from them, for testing, before you purchase one.
#83719 by thunderbird
Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:35 pm
grace98 wrote:Could you please tell me is something like this is what I need? ... 3cb960137c

The DSL filter shown should work.

I want to back up a little. If you have an Ooma Telo, did you go into My Ooma and enable FAX mode?

If you didn't, go to:

Sign into My Ooma. Click on Preferences, then click on Phone Numbers at the left side of the window.
Then click on the phone number that you are going to use for FAXing. A window opens "Manage phone numbers". At the bottom check the box Enable FAX mode. Then click on Save. Then test.

Note: For many people this My Ooma FAX mode setting doesn't work, and when left in the FAX mode, phone calls may have Echo and Delay, Quality of Service issues.

If you haven't tried this setting, try it. If it works, especially for Inbound FAXes, but you have QoS issues during regular phone calls, you may have to turn FAX mode off in My Ooma for regular phone call use, and turn it on for receiving FAXes.

*98 pause 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx seems to always work for sending Ooma Telo FAX.

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