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#81236 by kenepp1
Thu May 12, 2011 11:30 am
I am trying to cordinate the porting and DSL dates. I have AT&T landline and DSL.

Once I request OOMA to port my landline phone number (LLPN), when in the process is that number locked in?

Here is the reason for my question:

1. I have call forwarded my LLPN into OOMA TELO and disconnected all phones from the landline jacks. Therefore the only reason I don't call AT&T and cancel my landline and change my DSL to a dry-loop is I do not want to lose my old phone number until it is locked into the porting process.

2. AT&T states it may take several days to change to dry-loop. Therefore, if I wait until after the porting is complete, I will be without the OOMA dsl line for those few days (and I guess that is the case regardless of when I change to dry-loop) . I don't know if reseting the DSL line to dry-loop after my LLPN porting is complete will effect the OOMA system or not. OOMA suggests changing to dry-loop first. AT&T said to wait until after.

My plan is too drop my landline and change to dry-loop as soon as my LLPN is secure for porting. Anyone see a problem with this plan?
#81254 by jmmitche
Thu May 12, 2011 1:51 pm
My understanding is that if you port your AT&T Telephone number while the DSL is riding on that line, it will drop your DSL service as well. That is the way it works here in Bellsouth/AT&T territory.

I had my DSL split onto Dry Loop or DSL w/o Voice. There was a second pair wired into my house and punched down to use the 2nd pair of the phone jack (...adapters are available to use L1 or L2) so I popped in one of those in to run my DSL and left my voice line undisturbed.

I ordered the DSL service on 5/5 and it completed the same day, although the ETA was the 9th. Also placed Port request with ooma at same time. ETA for port was 5/12 (..AT&T voice just went down and DSL is still up) and ooma port complete date is tomorrow 5/13.

If the Dry Loop DSL had not completed before the port (Dry Loop will have a new billing Telephone number : BTN) then all services attached to my old BTN would have been disconnected as well.

Hope this helps. YMMV, particularly if you are in a different area of the country.
#81302 by kenepp1
Fri May 13, 2011 4:56 am
My question is this:

At what point in the whole process of requesting porting, until it is completed, is my old number guaranteed to me? Is is when OOMA sends an email with the confirmed date?

I only have one phone line with 2 wires coming into the house. If I drop the voice land line and set up the dry-loop too early, I won't be able to forward my old phone number. At this point I will plan to switch to a dry-line on the day of porting. Either way it looks like I'll have some hours of down time without a phone.
#81303 by tomcat
Fri May 13, 2011 5:55 am
kenepp1 wrote:If I drop the voice land line and set up the dry-loop too early, I won't be able to forward my old phone number.

You do not want to cancel you landline at any time prior to the completion of the porting process. If you do, the port process cannot be completed and you will loose you phone number.

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