Unable To Fax Long Distance. I'm done with Ooma

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Re: Unable To Fax Long Distance. I'm done with Ooma

Post by JackTheReefer » Fri May 06, 2011 7:57 am

I was using Vonage and faxing worked. I haven't tried with Ooma yet, but kicked Vonage to the curb to save some cash.

Some say faxing is dead, and I wish it was, but these people obviously don't deal with the government much. Several departments of the government insist on sending and receiving documents via fax. I was literally told that it was the only way they could guarantee it was an original document. What?? Um, I can scan, photoshop, and fax anything. Whatever, but that's why I own a printer/fax combo. There are still people living in the dark ages that you have to send docs too. Yes, they generally also offer to let you mail the documents to them through snail mail...ridiculous.

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Re: Unable To Fax Long Distance. I'm done with Ooma

Post by torreyaz » Sat May 07, 2011 10:07 am

I had trouble faxing too using a new HP Officejet 6500 but I fixed it by doing the following:
1 Enable 10 digit dialing under the My Ooma settings. Preferences --> System
2 Disable ECM through the fax machine settings
3 Set baud rate to 9600
4 Dial *99 + 10 digit number
Local and long distance faxing works fine.

Also, my Telo is feeding the rest of my phone lines in my house using a splitter on the back of the Telo's PHONE port.
Telo WALL port is not in use (empty). My fax machine is in a separate room plugged into the phone jack.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Unable To Fax Long Distance. I'm done with Ooma

Post by terryh » Tue May 10, 2011 7:01 am

Dial a number, press a button, and off goes a 10 page fax. How much time is invested in an alternative?

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Re: Unable To Fax Long Distance. I'm done with Ooma

Post by Cyberchat » Sun May 15, 2011 8:49 am

Wow, lots of passion about this topic in this thread. In support of the person who started this topic, I, too, am forced to continue to use faxes for business communications with some companies who don't offer other electronic communication options. Many new printers have the fax technology built-in and many companies have millions invested in banks of fax-servers deeply integrated with their call centers and customer service processes, so the fax technology isn't going to disappear for some time. Of course you can always use postal mail but that's even less efficient than fax.

Fax with OOMA works well for us by simply using the *99 prefix. I don't know if if makes any difference for faxing, but we chose to install the OOMA Telo device "between" our modem and our LAN router rather than behind the router. This is the recommended position because it allows the OOMA device to prioritize the VOIP packets over other IP packets whenever its necessary to maintain VOIP quality. The OOMA service has provided excellent quality and eight-to-one cost savings over two telephone numbers for us in the past year. I hope you take some time to work through the problem you're experiencing. The benefits from OOMA are there!
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Re: Unable To Fax Long Distance. I'm done with Ooma

Post by tegelad » Mon May 16, 2011 8:53 am

Now to show you how funny life is ...

ATT Callvantage did not work at all for me ... while Ooma and Vonage did ... The Fax consistently failed (same setup), and the voice calls were unusable.

Who is my ISP ... me (I have a T1 from AT&T ....) ....

How about them apples :)

Aubuchon wrote:Switching to an email-to-fax online service would do two things. First is the method of sending a document in hand. I would have to scan, then upload to computer then finally email the document which is a 3-stage process so I would have to invest more time to do all the extra steps. Second, I have checked into some of these services when I originally discontinued my landline and they mostly all require a fee. So in short, I would have to sacrifice convenience but also have to start paying a fee for giving up that convenience for something that was previously free and painless. No contest. I don't use this line for voice so guess it's going up on Craigslist soon. I wish Callvantage was still around. AT$T may be lacking in a lot of areas but at least they knew how to do voip right.

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