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#56308 by murphy
Fri May 21, 2010 5:26 pm
When you port a phone number away from a carrier that is explicit permission to cancel your account. The number is gone. There is no reason for the account to remain open unless you had DSL on that number.
#56311 by lbmofo
Fri May 21, 2010 5:48 pm
etjones wrote:Good evening all.

I also had my number ported from Verizon and my phone service was also canclled without my consent.

I found out today (May 21, 2010) from Verizon that my service was cancelled (without my knowledge) due to the ooma port request. The Verizon rep said I would have to initiate a new phone service set up and possibly pay a reinstatement fee.

Does this violate some kind of FCC regualations? Is this a derivitive of "Slamming?"
ooma support encouraged me to let Verizon know that it was my service and to have them remedy the problem.

Helpp!! Can anyone:

1 ...from ooma give me any further advice?
2....else on this forum give suggestions on how to remedy this with Verizon?


If Verizon already let go the number, ooma should be able to provision your account with your number. If for some reason ooma can't provision and Verizon prematurely cancelled your account (I am guessing LOA date is sometime in the future), then you threaten FCC complaint and force Verizon turn your service back on until agreed upon port date. Of course, if your ooma device is already provisioned with your ported number, then there are no issues like murphy was saying.

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