Sources for Used or Refurb Telos?

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Re: Sources for Used or Refurb Telos?

Post by EA PA » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:14 pm

lbmofo wrote:There is no way to tell what's on unless you go visit on a daily basis.

-or- use a 3rd party service like

That's why there are other guys like that exist for sms services (again, is not associated with
AH - got it tnx

Edit: why doesnt big crumbs offer telo?
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Re: Sources for Used or Refurb Telos?

Post by lbmofo » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:29 pm

EA PA wrote:why doesnt big crumbs offer telo?
BigCrumbs is not a retailer...they are a cashback place just like ebates.

You sign up, then everytime you shop, you login to BigCrumbs first, then jump to the retailer via their "shop" section and buy (bid or buy in the case of eBay); you'll get some cashback.

Example: 4%, Best Buy up to 4.8%, 800 9.6%, eBay 2%+ (36% of seller fees). If you are not using this site, you are passing up free $ :?

I just started using the site a couple of months ago; check out my profile.
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