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#78885 by lmo5
Sat Apr 09, 2011 5:20 am
I have an OOMA system that used to work but i went away and came home to the phone handset saying No VPN? I have an internet connection and every thing seems to be hooked up correctly, as it used work fine. Any suggestions????
#78904 by thunderbird
Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:12 am
Reboot Modem, than when Modem is done rebooting, reboot Ooma, than reboot router.
Than Test.

Second if First didn't work:
Access Ooma Setup pages by typing in in your comptuter brower's window that is connected to your Ooma device's Home port with a network cable. Click on "Internet Settings", go to Connection type, select the down arrow and select "Automatic, if not already selected. Next go down to "INTERNET port MAC Address:" and click "Use Built-In" button. Click on update button below. Reboot your Ooma device.
Than Test.

Third if First and Second didn't work, contact Ooma Customer support. Sometimes they can restart your VPN tunnel from their end.

Customer Support
Phone: 1-888-711-OOMA (6662)
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm PST
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST

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