Help! No Customer support! 5 months w/o International Calls

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Help! No Customer support! 5 months w/o International Calls

Post by 24keara » Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:49 am

I have not been able to call out Internationally since End of Oct. 2010! I have called OOMA and reported this over 5 times. They sometimes give me a reference number and sometimes not. This is such poor customer service. I mean, really? Their reputation is on the line and we are ready to leave, at this point. We cannot take the time and frustration anymore!
In the beginning......the person on the other International calling line was heard saying, "hello? " then the call is dropped. Now the call doesn't even go through. Ooma can see this history based on our phone calls and 1 sec. charges of .07 cents. We still have plenty of Money in the calling acct. Our "core" Hub system was purchased as a Christmas gift in Dec. 08 and set-up in 09. We put a lot of research into the system since it was an expensive initial outlay.
I have supplied the Ooma customer service reps with all the countries numbers that I have tried to call - Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, England. I have called Comcast and they said it is Ooma's problem. The hardest part of all this is - we have an elderly Parent in one of the countries and we need to be able to reach him at all times! We can call out on cell phones but it can be sketchy due to the connection. Our Parent can call us.........but we cannot reach him, and that is unacceptable!!!
Any suggestions from people who had had the same problem? Any fixes? Any other phone services we should try? We are seriously ready to throw the Ooma System out the window!!!! Thanks.

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Re: Help! No Customer support! 5 months w/o International Calls

Post by lbmofo » Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:57 am

How are your domestic calls?
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Re: Help! No Customer support! 5 months w/o International Calls

Post by thunderbird » Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:59 am


How is your Ooma setup, Modem-Ooma-Router or Modem-Router-Ooma?

Run a few times, than click on left lower Advanced tab, click on "view text" at lower right side of page, copy and past results here to give us an indication of how your system is functioning.

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