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#77570 by Lilly's_Closet
Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:00 pm
So everyone agrees that having Antivirus Software running on your PC and keeping those Virus Definitions up to date is important but we all own Ooma because we’re cheap, so why pay for it.

I am going to post a couple of free ones that I know and give a brief description of each one. Would anyone else be kind enough to add to the list with their suggestions and maybe and brief description? Pretty good product I use on all of my lab computers if your install it out of the box it enables most things, make sure to setup a weekly scan and daily updates. It doesn’t really slow down your PC. It will catch 94% the stuff. It’s free but the trade of is that every time it gets new versus definitions it will put a small little advertisement on the screen. You just close the window its not too annoying and eventually your will forget that it even come up. Okay if you’re a Comcast (most have their internet) customer then you get their Security Suite for free.

Some one else will have to comment with more recent experience.
Its good but I stopped using the suite maybe back in 2001. Back then it would slow down the average PC and it was a pain to deal with if it broke. PCs are faster now so I am sure it would be fine.
#77574 by southsound
Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:39 pm
I have been using AVG's free edition for over 10 years and continue to love it. Here is the link AVG FREE. Be careful because they would really like to sell you their upgrade to AVG Internet Security - a not free program. The one you want is AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011. It meets all my needs and works well with my email client (Outlook 2010), IE, Chrome, and others.

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