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#5547 by Dave
Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:11 am
Hi, I've been trying to get my Ooma to work behind my router, in this format:

Modem -> Router -> Ooma (Comps connects to Router)

But I don't know how to set up my the Ooma Hub so that it connects in this way.

Here's what I have done:

The Hub won't connect unless I connect a comp to it's "Home" port first. It seems that when I connect my comp to the Hub, my router recognizes the Hub as my computer, with my computer's MAC address (since the Modem Port MAC address copies my Comp MAC Address).

BUT, when I change that in the Ooma setup to the "Use Built In" MAC address, the Hub refuses to establish both an internet and VoIP connection and my router does not recognize the Hub. (even if I have then have my comp connected to the router)

What I was thinking of doing was just connecting the Hub to my router, seeing it show up on my Router's DHCP list, reserving the Hub's IP Address, and setting that up in the DMZ zone.

But, the Hub isn't being recognized by my router! What am I doing wrong?

(BTW, for the Hub's setup, Network Connection is set to Automatic)

(And yes, I have set it up this way: Modem -> Ooma -> Router, but then, I have a problem with porting, and I really don't want to drastically change my router's settings so that it'll play nice with Ooma. I rather set my QoS on my router.)
#5552 by Dave
Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:15 am
nvm, stupid me... i had MAC filtering on and forgot to add the hub's mac address to the list. This is why the hub would only connect if I had my comp connected to the hub, so that the hub could copy the comp's mac address (which was already on the filter list).

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