Handsets not ringing simultaneously

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Handsets not ringing simultaneously

Post by ooma_ftw » Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:51 pm

Hi - new Ooma user here - first post. I jumped in the deep end - Ooma Telo plus 4 Ooma handsets. Very happy with call quality so far and this board has been very helpful. It even helped me DMZ the Telo's Home port back to it's Internet port and a static IP for my set up which is the Telo connected after my router with nothing on the Home port. I needed to do that because I have a bunch of cameras on my network that are internet accessible via port forwarding, so I didn't want the Telo in the middle of that routing. fwiw, I have QoS set up to prioritize the Telo over everything else.

Anyway, the only thing that is bugging me is that the handsets don't ring in unison. I had the Telo set up to go to voicemail after 3 rings (18 seconds) but that turned out to not be long enough for all 4 handsets to ring. I've bumped it up to 4 rings but it's annoying to be hearing other handsets ringing but having to wait for the one nearest to me to activate before I can take the call. Are there any tricks to fixing this? Anyone familiar with the programming to know if there is a pattern, such as Handset 1 always rings first, followed by 2, 3 & 4? It seems random to me so far. Any info is appreciated.

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Re: Handsets not ringing simultaneously

Post by rooflady » Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:01 pm

I have the same problem...Or is it supposed to work that way?

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